Entergy crews plan project SWARM in the Monette, Leachville, Black Oak, Caraway area

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Entergy trucks and workers will be gathering in Monette early Friday morning to start reliability work, SWARM, scheduled for Oct. 7-9. Workers will be pulled from Blytheville, Marion, Walnut Ridge, Harrisburg, Forrest City, Batesville and Searcy to join the Monette crew to complete a large scale project in three days.

Brandon Decker, line supervisor, said the crew will complete 900 man hours in the three day project.

Recently a meeting was held with community leaders and Decker and David Burnette, customer service manager, representing Entergy.

"We were there to listen to the mayors and community leaders and let them know we did know, we heard and we understand their concerns," Decker said. "We wanted to let them know about the reliability work we had planned for their area."

Work will be done starting at Highway 119 at the Leachville cutoff and on to Highway 18 to Black Oak, to 158 East of Caraway.

"Basically, we will be working three circuits," Decker said.

Moving utilities during the highway project, storms, equipment failure, and other issues have caused problems in the area and this work will make a difference for the good.

The project is 100 percent Entergy workers. In addition to linemen there will be engineering assistants, safety supervisors, and even the regional manager will be participating in the work.

The workers will meet on Friday morning in Monette for a brief safety meeting, review the maps, divide into crews, and go out.

"We have a good mix of workers coming together to do the job," Decker said. "The work we will do in the three days will make a difference for our customers."

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