Monette council approves rezoning

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Monette City Council approved a property rezoning during the regular monthly meeting on Monday, Sept. 26. Shawn Nance of the Monette Planning Commission shared the results of a public meeting involving plans to construct a single duplex. No one with any objections attended the meeting to rezone the property of 606 Hogan Street from R1 to R2.

Mayor Jerry Chub Qualls explained no street projects have been completed this year leaving the majority of funding for road work unused. Unless a need for any road work is brought to the city's attention, the Council voted to allow the funding to rollover into next year's budget. The Council chose to wait until the bypass is complete to ensure the money would be available should the need arise.

Two bids to replace the roof of city hall were discussed. Mayor Qualls suggested the Council wait to make a decision until a third bid for the cost to repair the roof is made available. The Council agreed to table the discussion until the October meeting.

Two bids to replace outdated city water meters and install a new reader system were submitted for the council's consideration. Following some discussion, the council decided to request a quote for the project to be completed in two stages. The first step would involve the installation of new meters. The second step would be to install the reader system six months after new meter installation. The two stage proposal will allow the city time to calculate the increase in revenue expected due to the accuracy of the new meters.

The cost of installing new meters and the system is to be split between water and sewer funding.

Mayor Qualls informed the Council of the need for city water tanks to be cleaned and repaired soon. The Council agreed that the older tank will most likely need work. Alderman Tom Carroll reminded the Council the newer tank was chosen in anticipation of meeting the capacity required to maintain all city water usage. Carroll explained the decision was intended to retire the old tank when it did reach the point of repair.

Mayor Qualls agreed to look into questions of the tower having been listed on the historical registry as well as any rental income for use of the tower. The Council will decide to repair or remove the structure when they have more information.

Part-time city employee Claud Earl Barnett received a promotion from $150 per month to $250 per month for his work in continual city maintenance.

Monette Clean Sweep week is scheduled Oct 3. through Oct. 7.

Monette City Council meetings are held every fourth Monday of the month. The next meeting is scheduled for Oct. 24.

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