Brannah Bibbs book signing held in Monette

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Brannah Bibbs signs her first novel "When Life Turns Upside Down." Also pictured is her mother, Marti Robertson.

Buffalo Island Museum in Monette hosted a book signing for new author Brannah Barrett Bibbs on Sunday, Sept. 25. Her first published book is titled "When Life Turns Upside Down". Bibbs, a 2007 graduate of Buffalo Island Central High School and a graduate of Arkansas State University, now lives in Alexandria, Va., with her husband Samuel, who is in the Air Force.

Bibbs said it was good to be home and she enjoyed visiting with friends and family. She said she had a wonderful visit with a couple of her long-time friends who remembered in elementary school she would send notebooks filled with short stories home with them to read.

She said she has no plans for a sequel to "When Life Turns Upside Down."

"I will do my future creations one by one," she said. "I want each book I develop to be new places with new people."

She expressed her appreciation to the museum staff and everyone who came by the museum to support her in her book signing.

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