Southworth celebrates new record

Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Employees at Southworth Building 18 set a new record of 462 days with no OSHA recordable accident. (photos provided)

"Can you stay safe for just one day?" This question is posed quite often to our Southworth employees in Safety and Visual Board meetings. A cursory glance around the room reveals the affirmative with the nodding of heads in agreement, as if to say, "Of course I can be safe for one day!" This question is usually followed by another, "How about two days?" Still the same response. "How about a week?" Sure, why not? "How about 462 days?"

That is exactly what Building 18 has done--462 days without an OSHA recordable accident! A new record.

I asked building manager Don Ledford, aka, The Warden, "How do you get to this number of days consistently without recordable accidents?" His concise reply, "Awareness."

I waited. I thought there would be more. Nope, that's it. Awareness. It is much like a recipe for changing the culture of safety in an organization. It includes such ingredients as weekly housekeeping checklists, (the responsibility of the employees), a helping of training, a cup of corrective action, maybe a dash of discipline and let's not forget the importance of listening to the employees. He added, "We start our Visual Board meetings with safety because it's our top priority."

Southworth safety training includes such topics as "The Right Attitude Toward Safety" because we understand the most common cause of workplace accidents is carelessness; a result of complacency, fatigue, recklessness or distraction by being upset or angry.

Congratulations to Building 18.

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