Students have a "berry" fun day at Kennett orchards

Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Jim Kennett instructs the visiting students on how to screen the muscadines.

Jim Kennett of Leachville welcomed a group of fifth and sixth grade G/T students from the Jonesboro Health, Wellness and Environmental Studies Magnet School last Tuesday.

Teachers Melinda Smith and Sherry Broadway, along with instructional technologist Keena Crenshaw, accompanied the 13 students to the Kennett Orchard for a day of berry picking and processing.

The 13 students had the opportunity to pick muscadines, separate and clean the berries, squeeze the juice from the fruit and learn about the harvest and recipes for muscadines.

Jim Kennett welcomes students from Jonesboro's Health, Wellness and Environmental Studies who picked muscadines. They learned about the crop grown in Leachville.

Kennett said some of the plants are 15 years old and he has added new plants through the years. He has a very good crop of muscadines this year. A few of the plants are some his father, Jimmy Kennett, started.

The harvest has begun and there should be muscadines for a few more weeks. The berries are sold locally and anyone wanting to place an order may call (870) 351-2798.

Kennett Orchards were started by Jim's dad. For over 50 years Jimmy Kennett and his brother Brian grew strawberries. People could come and pick their own or purchase strawberries ready to go.

Helping with the field day on Tuesday were Kerry Pugh, Randy Ladd, Stephanie Kennett Corter, Rodney Robertson and other volunteers.

Crenshaw made a video of they day so the students can share what they learned with other students at their school.

Students picked muscadines to take back to the classroom where a grandmother of one of the students will demonstrate how to make jelly and other students will get to have a taste of Kennett's muscadines.

The group enjoyed a picnic lunch provided by Bigg Butts on the grounds of the Adams Estate.

Ms. Smith expressed her appreciation to everyone who helped make the day such a success.

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