Riverside board revisits cafeteria options

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Becky Head of Aramark met with the Riverside School Board along with cafeteria employees to answer questions about the company during the Sept. 12 meeting. Aramark offers outsourcing cafeteria services boasting an increase in lunch purchases.

Following the presentation given by Head, Mona Smith, district food service director, spoke with the board requesting the cafeteria staff be given the opportunity to make changes to increase sales before outsourcing to any company. Smith explained in the past she has been denied requests for changes similar to those offered by Aramark.

Superintendent Jeff Priest suggested the Riverside cafeteria staff be given the opportunity to implement changes before making any decision for or against outsourcing cafeteria services. The Board agreed to hear any suggestions Smith may present in the future.

Jonathan Maze of Unico Bank attended the meeting to discuss issues following a problem with the first payroll during the recent change in banks. The issue was quickly resolved and Maze assured the Board of Unico Bank's continued availability should further complications arise.

The budget for the 2016-17 school year was reviewed and approved. Superintendent Priest shared involvement of the State Department in looking over the budget and offering suggestions for changes to optimize the budget and funds.

Adult lunch prices were adjusted to qualify as reimbursable meals. Lunch will increase to $3.50. Breakfast will be $2.05.

Priest also informed the Board of the rise in student population by 17 as of the beginning of the school year.

Certified and classified staff salary schedules were approved as presented by Superintendent Priest.

Following a review of recent violations the Board voted to expel a high school student for one calendar year.

Four students have been approved to move into the Riverside district. Three students received approval to move out.

East Elementary Principal Brandi Wallace spoke with the Board in consideration of a grant application designed to fund the Coordinated School Health Program. The project would involve remodeling an existing vacant building to support medical services including dental and vision.

More information will be made available in December via a webinar.

Superintendent Priest gave an update on campus additions, which include lighting on signs as well as an awning over a high school entrance.

Classroom emergency locks have been installed in every room on all three campuses. Funding for the locks was raised by an EAST Initiative student team.

A resident in attendance asked about the movement of playground equipment closer to the new buildings. The Board assured him plans are in place to do so as soon as demolition of old structures is complete.

Assistant Principle Matt Zeigler shared plans for safety and risk assessment on Friday, Sept. 24. Drills will be conducted on every campus to aid in updating safety policies and procedures.

The next Riverside School Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 3, in Lake City.

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