Dragging Main brings back memories

Tuesday, September 13, 2016
Tammy Stockton, Harvest Festival committee member and organizer of Dragging Main, collected school supplies to be donated to BIC School.

It was like a step back in time as Leachville's main street was bumper to bumper as a large crowd left the Malt Shop on Friday evening to "drag main."

The difference in then and now is many of the drivers had their children and grandchildren as passengers.

The event was organized by Leachville Harvest Festival committee member Tammy Stockton. Participants brought school supplies to be donated to the Buffalo Island Central School.

A lot of reminiscing was held as the crowd gathered at the Malt Shop before dragging main street just like they did in days gone by.

Big cars, small cars, old cars and new cars all turned out for the ride. Drivers and passengers reminisced about the days when they pooled their coins to buy 50 cents in gas and dragged main for hours on Saturday nights.

Many of the antique cars on Friday night were part of the morning parade for the Harvest Festival.

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