Manila senior looking toward her future

Tuesday, September 6, 2016
Ambrette Veach, Manila High School senior

Ambrette Veach, a senior at Manila High School, is looking toward her future after graduation. She has plans and back-up plans but is enjoying the research and experience as she sorts through her options.

During the summer of 2015 she was honored to be able to take part in the Academy for Future Physicians and Medical Scientists held at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. She said she had the opportunity to meet several Harvard and Stanford students and graduates.

Some of the speakers included Jack Andraka, who is known as a child genius; Nobel Prize winner Sir Richard Roberts who spoke on GMO, which Ambrette found very interesting.

"It was a learning experience," Ambrette said. "We had the opportunity to observe a live surgery. We could address questions to the surgeon during the surgery."

She enjoyed the summer of 2016 as she participated in West Point Leadership week.

West Point is located about 50 miles north of New York City. Ambrette loved the whole experience of cadet life.

"It was everything I thought it would be," she said. "We had PT every morning at 5 a.m. and attended classes every day of the week-long program starting on June 4 and ending June 10."

Ambrette was in geographic environmental engineering, Arabic foreign language and English classes.

West Point promotes academic, physical and military excellence.

"Morality is huge," she said. "The Cadet Code is I will not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate those who do."

She said competition is a huge deal at West Point.

Ambrette is working on an application to West Point and may also apply to the Navy Academy.

Academy graduates are committed to serve five years of military service following graduation. She talked about the excellent education offered through the Academy.

She has not made a career choice yet but is enjoying looking at several possibilities.

"We ate in the mess hall at West Point which was beautiful," she said. "We were treated just like Cadets giving us the real experience."

About 500 students attended each of the two one week sessions. The participants were divided into squads and platoons. She was part of the 2nd Platoon, 8th Squad.

If Ambrette does not go to the Academy, one of her back up plans is to go to Arkansas State Univeristy and be part of the ROTC Program.

She also was honored to participate in the 74th session of Girls State this summer. The event was held at Harding University in Searcy just before she went to New York.

"It was also a great learning experience," Ambrette said. "I would encourage junior girls to go."

Girls State is an educational, fun experience. Girls learn about leadership and how the government system works.

Ambrette said her grandmother Thelma Veach and her aunt Sheila Bourland both represented Manila at Girls State when they were juniors at MHS.

Ambrette made a 31 Super Score on her ACT. She plans to take it again in September to try to improve her math score.

In addition to being an honor student, she works at 1812 Pizza part-time, plays saxophone in the band, serves as Science Club president, FFA Sentinal, and has served as captain for the Quiz Bowl and Ethics Bowl. She also enjoys being on the cross country team, one of the newest sports to be offered at Manila High School. Ambrette was one of the first team members when cross country began several years ago.

She will be busy during her senior year with AP classes and other activities, and she is positive it will pass fast and she will be ready with her plans by graduation date, May 15.

Ambrette is the daughter of Brandon Veach and Julianne Veach.

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