Monette Council offers advice to local business

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Monecia Clark with Little Magical Minds requested aid in repairs to the building used to provide daycare for families in the surrounding area. Clark cited the need for further security and safety measures along with some maintenance issues necessary to ensure the business meets licensing requirements in the future. Clark shared a need for pea gravel in the playgrounds and has been offered unused gravel from another location.

Monecia Clark with Little Magical Minds addresses Monette City Council members.

The Council informed Clark the city could not offer financial support. However, the city could help move the gravel that was donated and make suggestions for people and places to purchase and perform services discussed. Clark expressed appreciation for any advice given and stated she was open to any and all suggestions.

Monette Night Out at the Park is scheduled for 6-9 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 13. Alternatives and ideas for additional lighting were discussed for use during the event. Mayor Jerry Chub Qualls noted work by the Monette Police Department in promoting and gaining support for the celebration.

"Those boys have been working hard. They are doing pretty good with it." Qualls said. "It looks like everything is falling into place."

The Council briefly discussed looking into grants and funding for improvements to the city park. Mayor Qualls shared intentions to submit grant applications when they are available, and will continue to look into other funding possibilities.

Alderman Larry Bibb said, "I've seen so many cities getting funding for the parks and I'd like to see some of that in our park."

Vickkie Carroll, city treasurer/recorder, gave an update on the Monette Veteran's Park. The monument has been ordered with a $21,000 down payment. The monument is expected to be delivered to McHaney Monuments in Blytheville in a few months to be prepared by etching names and final touches. The Board is hoping to have as many names placed on the monument prior to installation as possible. Etching is currently $40 and is expected to rise for names added after installation. Donations are still accepted to continue other work on the park location as well as anticipation of maintenance.

The hand held water meter reader currently in use was sent away for a third time due to a new, unknown malfunction.

Along with issues concerning the current malfunctions with the meter reading, the city recently looked into revenue lost due to poor performance of aged meters. Jerry Lamar, wastewater superintendent, shared an 8.2 million gallon loss in the year 2015 alone. In the past Lamar mentioned the loss and the Council began discussions for the consideration of options to install new meters in order to promote more accurate readings.

Lamar introduced Dan Pasternak, regional sales manager of Zenner Meters, and Joe James, local sales representative for G&C Supply Company, to present information about new water meter reading system.

Pasternak emphasized a fixed based mesh network, one of three options provided, as a form of remote reading technology. Pasternak noted, along with the reading system, the replacement of outdated meters will help prevent future loss in revenue. The system discussed sends daily reports to the office and could aid in more prompt problem solving for maintenance as well as customer service concerning leaks and bills among other things.

Services would include a 15 year warranty for new meters, a 10 year warranty for remote reading device along with a 20 year extended coverage and upgrades made available through the two way communication of the system. Yearly fees will include hosting along with software support and maintenance.

The Council did not take action in the decision to change providers at this time.

A large donation was made to the city of Monette under conditions of anonymity. The exact amount to be distributed to various projects including the veterans park, city park and other locations and programs as specifically directed was not disclosed at the request that it be kept confidential.

Mayor Qualls said, "We honor his request and are forever grateful to this person for what he has done for the city of Monette."

Financial paper work for the purchase of the Nettles property by the city of Monette is in progress. The existing structure on the land will be used in training by the Monette Fire Department. Following training the property will be used as additional parking for the local storm shelter, future events in the area and the Veteran's Park.

Vickki Carroll gave a second reading of Ordinance 2016-2 designed to allow use of golf carts within city limits. After the reading a vote was held with the result 3-1. Alderman Tom Carroll voted nay and proceeded to explain.

"I love the ordinance." Carroll said, "I say nay because I want to make sure that it is enforced."

Following a brief discussion, a motion to suspend the rules and conduct a third reading of ordinance 2016-2 was accepted and the final reading by Carroll was accepted all in favor.

An amendment to ordinance 2015-3, a Building Fee Resolution, was accepted. Mobile homes will be included at $0.05 per square foot and $20 for remodel and no longer charged as a portable building.

Monette City Council meetings are held at 7 p.m. every fourth Monday of the month in City Hall.

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