Scouts address Manila Council

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Manila Chief of Police James Skinner talks to visiting Scout at the Manila August council meeting.

Jessica Warrenfells, Boy Scout leader, addressed the Manila City Council Monday evening, Aug. 15, about work needed on the buildings used by the Scouts.

She said they are presently using the old Girl Scout hut.

"It looks good on the outside but it needs a lot of work," she said. "The other building is on Concord Street."

She said the central air unit went out about a month ago.

Mayor Wayne Wagner asked her which of the two buildings they would like for the city start repairs on.

Warrenfells said her preference is the one on Concord Street. It is smaller but they can separate meetings into smaller groups if needed, she said.

"Sign ups are next week and then we will know how many boys we will have," she said.

Mayor Wagner said he would have B&G Air Conditioning check on the unit to see if it can be repaired.

"If it can't be repaired or it is too expensive, we have two good window units we can install," Mayor Wagner said.

Councilman Wendell Poteet said the R22 Freon is going out on the air conditioner.

"The new Freon will not work in the older units," Poteet said. "My point is, if you have to spend a lot of money to repair that one, we might be better off to get a new one."

The council was in agreement to go with the short time solution but they also want to look at finding the Boy Scouts a larger, more permanent building.

Resident Jimmy Brooks addressed the council about a waiver to place a large travel trailer on his property. There is an empty lot where a house burned. Water and sewer are already on the lot, which is located near his storage buildings.

His plans for the trailer are to help a man have a place to live. Brooks said he will allow the man to rent to own until the trailer is paid off and then hopefully he can purchase a lot and relocate the trailer.

"He lives on a fixed income and I was trying to help him out," Brooks said. "He is a good man. I keep the property mowed and clean."

Mayor Wagner said Ordinance 175 dealing with mobile homes in the city limits prohibits mobile homes to be used for rental property. Once a mobile home is removed it cannot be put back unless it meets the requirements of the ordinance.

After discussion, several council members said they had no objection to the waiver if the neighbors in the area had no objection.

"In the past, we have given waivers and later heard objections from neighbors," one council member said.

The council decided to allow Mr. Brooks to talk to the neighbors and see if he can get a written notice saying they have no objections, and it will be voted on at the next meeting.

"By publishing it in the newspaper, the neighbors will know we are going to vote on it at next month's meeting," Councilwoman Linda Donovan said.

The next regular council meeting will be at 5 p.m. Monday, Sept. 19.

The council then voted to give a one time waiver to the Manila Senior Citizens to allow a fund-raising indoor flea market to benefit the Manila Senior Center. Under the rules of the center, no yard sales are allowed.

Councilman Donnie Wagner said the event will raise money for the Manila Senior Center and it is a one time event. Seniors will rent tables for the inside sale.

Several members of the Manila Depot Committee expressed their concern on the plans for the new senior center.

The floor plan is good but they would like the new building to conform to the Depot and Depot Center.

The drawings do not look anything like the Depot or Depot Center, committee members said.

The Depot Committee is donating the property for the new senior center that will be built next to the library/depot center.

Committee members would also like a covered area in front.

Mayor Wagner said he and Councilwoman Donovan will contact the architect about changing the windows, adding a cover, and ask him to send a drawing with the changes.

The council voted unanimously to pass a resolution for a grant for the senior center building project.

The city has been approved for $476,000 in grant money for the new senior citizen building including a $40,000 grant from Delta Regional Authority; $10,000 from USDA; $20,000 from Walmart; and $406,000 from the state.

Woody Townsend with the Pilot's Association gave an update on the work at the Manila Municipal Airport. He said the overlay part of the return taxiway is compete. The 10 percent ($30,000) the city put up will be returned once the final paperwork in.

"The work was done and the city was out zero dollars," Townsend said.

Townsend went on to report the airport has received $2 million in grants over the lat 10 years.

"That is good for a small town," he said. "We have one of the nicest airports anywhere."

Councilman Dale Murphy commended the pilot's association for doing a tremendous job with the airport.

"It is a group effort," Townsend said.

Mayor Wagner discussed with the council an accident at the transfer station. A vehicle parked behind the city's backhoe and a city worked backed into the vehicle.

Mayor Wagner said if the council has no objections, he would meet with their insurance carrier and discuss splitting the difference in the $2,200 to repair the vehicle.

Following an executive session, the board voted to give raises to police officers, Jared Camp and Delbert Carter, 50 cents an hour; and Chris Hill and James Littlefield, 25 cents an hour.

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