Lake City Council reviews drainage problems

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Engineer Jason MacDonald addressed the Lake City Council at the regular July 18 meeting. MacDonald presented a plan to help relieve some of the drainage problems on Jackson Road in the RiverPark Subdivision.

He explained to the council it is hard to fix something that should have been done before the homes were built in the subdivision. While this plan would not be a 100 percent solution, it would help the existing situation. The plan includes laying tile under eight driveways and two sidewalks.

The council agreed to review the work again at the next meeting after Mayor Jon Milligan acquires the construction repair costs.

Planning and Zoning Committee Chairman Harold Barker made a recommendation to the City Council to allow property owner Jon Ryan a variance on his property located on Maumelle and Tupelo streets. Mr. Ryan is requesting a variance of seven and a half feet on the front of Maumelle St. to build a three bedroom home, and a two and a half feet variance on the back of Tupelo St. to build a duplex. Property location lots do not have lot numbers. Council approved his request.

Mayor Milligan asked the Council to approve an end-of-summer bonus for Daniel Haynes for operating the ballpark and organizing the youth summer league. After a brief discussion, it was decided by unanimous vote to give Daniel Haynes a $500 bonus for the operation of the Lake City Ball Park and other duties involved.

Mayor Milligan asked the Council to give permission to allow the annexation of the property owned by Cobb and Company into the City of Lake City, with the cost of annexation to be split 50/50.

The council voted unanimously in favor to proceed with the annexation.

Council approved the transfer of Southern Bancorp Certificate of Deposit number 1028, to Unico Bank Certificate Number 414000015, in the amount of $2,639.84, for 15 months at a rate of 1.41%. The certificate will require two signatures for withdrawal, Mayor Jon Milligan, and City Clerk/Treasurer Linda Simpson.

Next council meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 15, at city hall.

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