ANC welcomes new art instructor

Tuesday, July 19, 2016
Holt Brasher

Holt Brasher, a native of Louisiana but most recently a resident of Memphis, has moved to Blytheville and joined the Arkansas Northeastern College family as Instructor in Art. Brasher holds his BFA in Studio Art from the University of Louisiana at Monroe and his MFA in Printmaking from the University of Memphis. With teaching experience during graduate school, Brasher gained an appreciation for his students and worked to help them develop a passion for art--something he hopes to bring to ANC.

"In my classroom I always ask students to do two things, and that is to work hard, but also to never be afraid to ask for my help. Over the many classes I've taught, I've been able to push students to reach their potential by challenging them, and forcing them out of their comfort zones," said Brasher who will begin teaching at ANC this August and hopes to eventually offer the community a glimpse of student talent.

"I like my students to feel welcome and appreciated as artists themselves, and together we work through the difficulties and the process so by the end of the semester, students can create their own works, be able to speak about them in critique, and have applied to several shows where many will have their work selected for display. There is nothing more rewarding than an enthusiastic student who can speak, work, and display his or her art in galleries," added Brasher.

Personally, Brasher likes to incorporate humor into his art as he views it as a big source of inspiration, but while satire and figurative art may be where he leans, he will encourage all different styles among his students. "I enjoy the challenge and diversity of my students' beliefs, ideals, and stylistic choices, and when the class works together as a group, often everyone learns new things. I also feel that pushing students out of their comfort zones, and pushing their boundaries on what art can be, often yields some of the best work they'll create and can send them down a path of discovery into what they truly want to make in the art world. I look forward to challenging the student body at ANC and seeing how they can challenge my own processes as a teacher and art maker as well."

Additionally, Brasher is not held to just one medium, and he plans to expose his students to a variety of art. "I work across as many fields, printmaking, sculpture, painting, etc. incorporating each into assignments as I can." Brasher says that by exposing students to the different mediums, combined with encouraging their creativity, they can yield some of their best work.

Brasher says he is already enjoying the Blytheville community, and he looks forward to rebuilding the art program at ANC. He will be in his office and available to meet with students after Aug. 8. He will be offering classes in drawing, water color, and art appreciation this fall. Registration for fall classes will continue through Aug. 10, with classes beginning on Monday, Aug. 15.

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