Progress made on the Veterans Park in Monette

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Lee Greathouse working on wall at future Veteran's Park site in Monette.

Lee Greathouse has completed tuck-pointing the brick wall adjacent to the new veterans park in Monette, as plans are being completed for construction of a new veterans monument.

The building wall is owned by Bob Wilborn and has been a part of the Monette landscape since the early 1900s. The wall on the west end of the building was once a retaining wall between two businesses and since the adjacent business has been removed, the wall was in need of repairs.

"It is surprising how sturdy this brick wall is," Greathouse said. "It is three bricks thick, which is rare by today's standards. The builders used good materials in constructing it, and wooden pegs were placed throughout to secure the bricks to each other. I think it is foundationally strong, but needs finishing since it is now an outside wall."

The Veterans Park Committee meets monthly, as they proceed with plans to erect a monument on the northeast corner of the Highway 139/18 intersection downtown.

Plans have been formulated to begin construction of the concrete foundation that will support the veterans monument. Additional walkways, lighting and flag pole will be added at a later date.

McHaney Monuments, of Blytheville, has been contracted to build the monument, which will consist of an 8' tall, eight sided black granite monument topped with a 4' statue of a kneeling soldier. Seven side panels on the monument will hold 184 military names each for a total of 1288 names. Twenty spaces per name line have been allowed for engraving.

"We are encouraging people to have the names of their veterans engraved on the monument," Henrietta Qualls, committee chairman, said. "The cost is $40 per line. Forms can be picked up at Monette City Hall or businesses throughout town. We have such a love and appreciation for our veterans, past and present, and want to show it by constructing a lasting monument in their honor."

For more information, persons may contact Monette City Hall 870-486-2000.

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