Leachville Council hears LIDC reports

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Sandra Kennett gave a report from LIDC at the Leachville City Council meeting.

Sandra and Ronnie Kennett and Paul Wildy presented the Leachville Industrial Development Corporation (LIDC) financial report at the Leachville City Council meeting held Monday, June 13.

Mrs. Kennett invited the city officials to attend any of the LIDC meetings.

"This report was prepared in May," she said. "We have a new slate of officers. I am now the assistant treasurer. Rita Wildy is the treasurer."

Leachville Police Department will be wearing new uniforms with navy shirts and khaki pants. Pictured are Chief of Police Marc Taylor and Officer Zakk Crocker.

Mrs. Kennett gave the total financial assets and the fixed assets.

She talked about the medical building given to the LIDC by Myrna Adams.

"We maintain it and take care of it," she said. "We think it is important to keep a doctor in town."

The clinic in Leachville now has two doctors and a nurse practitioner serving the community at the Leachville office.

She talked about property traded to Teleflora for a lot where Twila Motel was located in hopes of a good location for a future grocery store.

Kennett gave an itemized report on all of the active loans LIDC has given to businesses saying all but one is making regular payments on the balances.

"LIDC is doing well right now," she said. "When the city asks us for help we try to do what we can for the city as long as it is within our guidelines."

Property the LIDC helped purchase for the fire department's future substation was discussed.

"This is something that will be good for the community," Wildy said. "Once it is done it could lower the fire rating and save citizens money."

Wildy commented he wanted to make sure everyone knows what LIDC does.

Mayor Ralph Wells commented about possible assistance later with upfront money to help with a grant for a sewer system along the newly annexed property.

Mayor Wells said he feels if sewer could be extended to Highway 18 it would attract businesses.

"If we had sewer there I think we would see some activity," Mayor Wells said.

Wildy said LIDC would listen to any proposals. All decisions take a vote of the members. He went on to say to become a voting member participants need to attend meetings for a year. The meetings are called when needed and meet at Adams corporate offices.

Councilman Michael Weber said sewer along the highway could help Leachville as the city competes for new businesses along Highway 18.

Mayor Wells said they have been working with engineers looking into grants and low interest loans for the project.

Keith asked the council about transferring $200 each month from the Ritter franchise payment to the employee savings account used for Christmas bonuses. She went on to explain the city did receive $200 a month for collecting Ritter payments last year. Those payments, along with the fees for collecting electricity and gas bills, were placed in the employee fund account. The city no longer collects for Ritter payments.

Following a discussion, the council decided not to put the money into the account but look at it in October or November and make necessary adjustments to the account.

Ruth Ann Keith updated the council on progress on a water ordinance to allow deposits to be used for unpaid water bills. She spoke to the city attorney about preparing the ordinance.

Chief of Police Marc Taylor and Officer Zakk Crocker were present at the meeting wearing the new LPD uniforms. All officers will be wearing navy shirts and khaki pants.

Chief Taylor talked about the purchase of two needed police vests.

"The paper work is in for a grant, and if we get it some of the money can be used to help purchase the vests," Keith said.

Street, water and sewer manager Robert Ballard discussed painting the old water tower and buildings that are in need of paint. The council decided to table the decision until later in the year.

Councilwoman Baldridge said the cemetery looks good but asked Ballard to look into having the tree stumps removed.

Keith reported the city has spent $5,500 on the recent city clean-up.

Fire Chief Richie Pace informed the council one fireman had resigned from the department. He said it is getting more difficult to find volunteers available during the day time.

"We had 200 First Responder calls in a year," he said.

Pace requested the appointment of Derek Davis to the department. He also said they would like to move junior fire fighter Hunter Smith up at the first of the year.

Pace sent a couple of AirPacs to Memphis to see if they could be repaired. They plan to get two new AirPacs in the near future. He said some of the older ones are obsolete and when they go out they cannot get parts. The new tanks are lighter.

The council discussed the harvest festival with a tentative date of Sept. 3.

The Cave Dwellers will sponsor fireworks at the city park at 9:11 p.m. Monday, July 4.

The next council meeting will be held Monday, July 25. The council will meet at 6 p.m. to work on the handbook with the regular meeting starting at 7 p.m.

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