Caraway Council approves purchases for fire department

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Caraway Council approved purchases for the fire department at the June 9 meeting.

Mayor Barry Riley informed the council Scott Browning had agreed to return to the position of fire chief. The council then voted unanimously to use ACT 833 funds in the amount of $3,600 to purchase two new radio headsets to be used by the fire department for communication. They also voted to use ACT 833 money in the amount of $2,000 to purchase a new computer and internet service for the fire department.

Council members present were John Boatman, Mitchell Tipton, Marvin Browning and Mark Bell.

Council members agreed to have the Arkansas Municipal League put together a listing of the city's ordinances to be placed in eight books at a cost of $200 per book. The books can also be placed on the city website once it has been re-established. The request for the project came from the prosecuting attorney's office.

The council agreed to allow the Caraway First Baptist Church to paint six handicapped parking areas in front of the church for handicapped parking during church events.

The council voted to have Terry Couch purchase grass seed to be planed on the old railroad property at a cost of $300.

Other items discussed included:

*Councilman Tipton asked if the city property north of Payne Street, near the city pond, could be maintained (mowed) more frequently as to help deter snakes and other animals.

*The tennis court light timer is not working property.

*Security cameras have come in and will soon be installed near the park bathrooms.

*Gates at the city pond, discussed at last month's council meeting, were discussed again. The gates are intended to close access to the pond between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

*The fishing pond limits on fish that can be caught and kept were discussed. The council was in agreement that enforcement of the limits continue. Presently the limit is five catfish and no bream. Anyone catching bream should release it back into the pond.

*As of the date, the community garden has not been planted.

*Dwight Booth voiced concern about his property on main street. He is in the process of cleaning it up.

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