Manila School Board accepts resignations

Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Manila School Board member Tracey Reinhart was surprised with a birthday cake after the June meeting.

Manila School Board accepted resignations, accepted changes in policies, approved the budget, heard a school health report, and discussed a farm property proposal at the Thursday, June 9 meeting.

Following an executive session, Superintendent Pam Castor recommended the board accept several resignation requests including Bertha Brooks, part-time custodian; James Sherrod, bus driver; Tony Crowell, Dean of Students (had been hired as high school principal for the upcoming year); Amanda Bundren, middle school special education teacher; Alesha Morgan, high school special education; Kevin Youngblood, assistant football coach and baseball coach; and Susan Youngblood, high school social studies.

It was decided the board will interview high school principal candidates on Monday night.

The board voted unanimously (7-0) to accept the resignations.

All Board members, Jeremy Jackson, president; Brandon Veach, Tracey Reinhart, Danny Robbins, Johnny McCain, Tommy Wagner, and Dean Tucker, were present.

The board then voted unanimously to hire Brooke Birmingham as a paraprofessional.

Mr. Reinhart left the meeting as the board voted 6-0 to extend Scottie Reinhart's contract to 12 months on the recommendation of Superintendent Castor. Mrs. Reinhart serves as APSCN Student Services Coordinator.

The Board then voted to approve extended hours past her contract to Vivie Veach for training days to be determined by Mrs. Castor.

The board voted to give Amy Pryor a stipend of $1,000 for girls' track and Stacie Shelton $500 for assisting in PE and sports for their work in 2015-2016 school year. A list of stipends including principal; assistant principal, Dean of Students as well as other extra duties were approved unanimously.

Castor said the classified salary will include the cost of living increase as well as an increase in the base to meet the minimum wage increase. She said the hourly rates for part-time workers will be adjusted to meet the changes. She also included adding $1 an hour for the nursing position.

Castor also informed the board the enrollment came in at the third quarter 1.54 students less than the year before. She said the enrollment bumped up the last quarter, and she anticipates an increase in the coming year but the school will receive funding on the lower numbers. She said she expects to see a little less in funding with more students.

The board voted unanimously to accept several policy changes. Castor said most of the changes consist of a change of wording such as the Family Medical Leave policy defining care providers; who can authorize a student's meal substitute for medical reasons; lowering the price of micros purchases needed for price comparison; prohibit tax dollars being used for political purposes; tryouts for extra curricular activities; ADE leadership teams; back ground checks on volunteers; and teacher in-service hours are 36 with every one hour course teachers will get five credit hours.

Castor handed out a school health report compiled by the school nurse with the number of student visits for the year, screening, referrals, etc. She had a total of 3,068 visits.

Castor said they would discuss increasing the positions at the July meeting.

"As the school grows, I think we will need two nurses," Wagner said.

Board member Tommy Wagner left the meeting as the board discussed a proposal by Wagner to make a land trade in regards to 16, 14, 9. Manila has approximately 152 acres; Rivercrest 27 acres; and Gosnell 73 acres of the proposed land to be traded.

Castor said the district has joint ownership with the other schools and all of the districts will need to be in agreement of any transaction. The schools would receive 198 acres for approximately 182.

The board decided to table the decision giving the board members the opportunity to go out and tour both properties before making a decision.

"I have looked at all of it and compared it," Castor said. "In my evaluation of the properties are comparable in terms of production.

Wagner returned to the meeting to discuss the proposal with the board. He said when he put the proposal together he did not want any hidden agenda. He said the property he was offering is leveled and irrigated. The school property is adjacent to his and his would like to have it for developing hunting property. He said some of the property is is offering is prime property near the golf course. He talked about the value of the property and said it could be very useful to the district in future plans.

The board agreed they are interested in looking at the property before they make a decision. They agreed to set a time and go tour the properties.

President Jackson read a thank you card thanking the board for allowing them to seniors on the 2016 college tour.

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