Birthday present arrives in 3s

Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Tom and Tina Frazier, parents of triplets, Carlin Christine, Hannah Renee and Thomas Anthony.

Tina Frazier of Leachville got the best birthday present ever on April 12, 2016. It was the day her triplets, Carlin Christine, Hannah Renee and Thomas Anthony, were born. The special gift is so great it carried over to make the most wonderful Mother's Day present in the world and in June will be the special Father's Day present Tom Frazier has waited on for many years.

The siblings were born at UAMS in Little Rock with Carlin, the first to arrive, weighing three pounds and one ounce; Hannah, the second, weighing two pounds and eight ounces; and the boy of the group, Thomas, weighing three pounds and one ounce. They were born one minute apart at 3:15, 3:16 and 3:17 a.m.

They were conceived without fertility treatments after a long wait for the Fraziers who had been married for 17 years. Tina said the odds of having triplets naturally are one in 8,000.

Thomas Anthony, Carlin Christine, and Hannah Renee Frazier are at home in Leachville.

"I asked the Lord for a baby and He blessed us with three," Tom said. "I actually suspected she was expecting before she did. I also made a comment joking with her about having three as soon as we knew she was expecting. When the technician was doing the ultra sound and told us we were having twins, immediately followed by "oh my goodness" you are having three, I could not believe it."

Tom had worked on a riverboat and was working on his pilot's license when he began to have health problems and was diagnosed with Muscular Sclerosis. He was forced to quit work and it created quite a life change for the two. He was put on a strict diet and medication and after a year in a wheel chair, he was able to walk. Tom said the Good Lord knew he would be needed at home to help with their three babies.

Tina was in the hospital for about a month before the babies were born. She carried them 32 weeks and five days but thankfully they were all healthy.

"We were told we could have taken them home immediately if they had not been so small," she said. "They were transported from Little Rock to St. Bernards in Jonesboro when they were a week old. That made it easier to be closer to home. We had great nurses in Little Rock and we had great nurses in Jonesboro.

Carlin came home on May 5 just before Mother's Day; Thomas on May 9, and Hannah May 11.

It was a special time for the Fraziers when they had all three of their babies home.

The girls are identical and Tom admits a few times he was not sure if he was holding Carlin or Hannah. Carlin is just a little larger but not very much.

For now they are keeping the triplets extra warm. It takes a while to feed all three and then it is almost time to start over.

Like all new mothers, Tina tries to rest a little when they are resting. Tom is there to help and they both feel they have been blessed beyond measure.

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