Manila Council works through short agenda

Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Manila Mayor Wayne Wagner shows a broken piece of sewer equipment saying it will cost $1,800 to replace.

Woody Townsend with the Pilot's Association extended an invitation to the Manila City Council to meet at the airport terminal for the June meeting and tour the new hangar. Weather permitting, burgers and soft drinks will be served on the patio before the meeting.

The council agreed to meet at the terminal building at 4 p.m. June 20, in the conference room.

Townsend also talked about the possibility of grant money to build a large T-hangar to accommodate any size aircraft.

Mayor Wayne Wagner said he and city officials would meet with engineer David Hopkins while in Little Rock and discuss the hangar project.

Council also talked about closing the road at the north end of the airport (West County Road 246).

Townsend explained if the road was closed it would lower the minimum requirement which could be important in the future for aircraft hauling freight or people.

"We hope to have a 5,000 foot runway in the future," he said.

More details about closing the road will be available in June.

Mayor Wagner said the city workers and Darrell Birmingham (park and recreational director) have done a good job getting the pool ready to open Memorial Day. The pool will open Memorial Day weekend on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Regular hours for the pool will be 1-5 p.m. for the public, and 10 a.m. until noon and 6-8 p.m. for private parties.

"The weather has not cooperated but it will open on Saturday," Mayor Wagner said. "I think it will go better this year."

The council discussed outside lights at the pool grounds not working. The lights will be fixed and anyone caught going over the fence after hours will be charged with breaking and entering. There will be more patrols in the area during the summer.

Mayor Wagner announced the city would have a couple of CETA workers to help the workers. They will be working for six months.

The council voted unanimously to place Kenneth Eubanks, former state trooper, on the potential fill in list when needed. Call-in officers are paid $10 an hour.

Members of the council present included Wendell Poteet, Dale Murphy, Donnie Wagner, Linda Donovan and Steven Milligan. Jason Baltimore was absent.

Mayor Wagner asked the council to correct a mistake made at the last meeting. He said they had voted to give Mike Skaggs a 50 cent an hour raise to $10 but it should have been $10.50.

"He is doing an excellent job," Mayor Wagner said.

The council voted 5-0 to make the correction.

Mayor Wagner showed the council a broken part from the sewer equipment saying to replace the part will cost $1,800. "Every time something breaks it costs," Wagner said.

He said council will need to act on increasing sewer rates at the June 20 meeting to go into effect on July 1.

Street paving was discussed and Mayor Wagner said the work should be done in late June or July. Paving on Concord and Olympia will be first and then on to residential.

The council also talked about making an entry road near the nursing home to the community center on Airport Road. It will help traffic control and can be used for parking.

Mayor Wagner asked Henry Ford, water and sewer superintendent, to check the storm sirens on the next sunny day.

Mr. Ford also said the highway department will be closing a section of Olympia Street while they are working on the highway.

A Manila resident living on Cora Lee Lane asked about replacing her mobile home with a new one.

Councilmen Wagner and Poteet both said they have no objections as it is a replacement.

The council voted to allow the resident to replace her existing mobile home at the same sight.

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