Buffalo Island Central board members receive Election Board results

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Superintendent Gaylon Taylor informed Buffalo Island Central Board members at the May 19 meeting of the findings by the Election Board.

Monette resident John Steele filed a complaint following the passing of the millage in January. The complaint listed, among other things, incorrect information on the ballot, misleading statements made by the superintendent and improper procedures conducted concerning co-workers. Taylor said the district was found not guilty of any wrong doing. All accusations were dismissed.

Money generated by the millage increase will provide funds for new construction on the Leachville and Monette campuses.

Steele presented the Board with letters written by residents of the district in regard to a quote made by Superintendent Taylor as printed in the Jonesboro Sun in reference to transgender bathroom policies.

Steele said letters were mailed to three mayors and 12 churches. Steele was asked by Taylor to clarify the groups' request to the board.

"The Governor's recommendation supports the majority of the BIC patrons and we request the BIC School Board to issue a statement that the statement by Superintendent Taylor has been changed and the BIC School District will join with the other local school districts and follow the Governor's recommendation to disregard the Obama Directive," Steele said.

Superintendent Taylor responded, stating his quote printed in The Sun was only partial and when the time comes the Board will need to discuss and decide any policy concerning the issue. He reassured Steele that BIC would protect all students in the district.

"We would not allow a transgender individual to make the choice of what restroom to use," Taylor said. "If they declare themselves as transgender then they will use another facility."

Superintendent Taylor said they are on the same page. He said if questions had come to him directly it could have saved time and resources.

Tracey Yates shared news of journalism achievements in her last year as instructor with Buffalo Island Central. Superintendent Taylor thanked Yates on behalf of the Board.

"There are certain people you don't replace. We want to say thank you for your contributions for our school and our kids. You've opened up avenues for these kids and that's what it's about. Thank you so much for everything that you've done."

The Board voted to hire Bill Taylor as senior high boys head coach, junior boys assistant coach, and athletic director.

The district will be dividing the junior boys and girls basketball coaching positions. Interviews have been conducted, recommendations will be made and selections for the positions will be hired for 210 day contracts.

Three students were accepted for transfer into the BIC district through School Choice. All three students will enter kindergarten the 2016-17 school year.

A raise of $1,000 was approved to all certified staff and a three percent raise will be offered for all non-certified staff.

A policy concerning vandalism will be included in the student handbook. Anyone found responsible for vandalism will be required to reimburse the district for damages incurred. Students involved will not be allowed to walk during graduation.

The special education application budget was approved.

Superintendent Taylor shared there was no report to be heard by the architects at the time. The architects and construction team continue to work together to move forward with the Leachville and Monette projects. "I have been really pleased with Hardy and John and the way they have tried their very best," Taylor said.

The Board discussed recommendations concerning requests made by the Personnel Policy Committee during the April meeting as follows:

*Sick days for new employees will be transferred provided the employee is able to provide necessary proof he/she was not paid for those days by previous employers.

*Another teacher vote was taken concerning the school calendar. The voted ended with a majority for the option of Christmas break beginning Dec. 19 and ending Dec. 30.

*In response to the request that unused personal days be converted to sick days the Board suggested up to five unused personal days be accumulated into following years.

*The District does not currently have the resources to provide two paydays a month at this time.

During a special meeting held May 16 the Board accepted resignations and approved hiring:


*Jason Thomas- junior high math and elementary girls basketball coach.

*Terri Cossey- third and fourth grade language.

*Kendra Hawkins- senior high cheer coach.

*Doris Willyerd- senior high counselor.


*Jennifer Kasserman- elementary counselor on a 201 day contract.

*Mary Beth Gardner- fifth and sixth grade social studies.

*Brandon Ballard-elementary instructional assistant.

*Brandi Timms- East pre-k instructional assistant.

*Kelly Scott- West pre-k instructional assistant.

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