BIC Board recognizes students

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Buffalo Island Central School Board members gave congratulations to students for recent accomplishments in band and State Science Fair during the April 21 board meeting.

Students received recognition at the BIC School Board meeting for achievements in band and state science fair. Pictured are, from left: J.J. Ivy, Christopher Rentoria, Drew McFall, Nikki Gordon and Olevia Hughes.

Charles Page, band director, shared an update concerning band activity and accomplishments. Page introduced three students representing the 27 students in band to share the news of receiving a perfect score at this year's concert assessment in Jonesboro.

Page expressed his appreciation of all support he and the band receives.

"They don't just help," Page said, "they are eager to help."

Three of five students to compete in the State Science Fair were also present to share details of their accomplishments with the Board.

Nikki Gordon constructed a compost box. She won the ASU Arizona State University sustainability award, second place overall in in Energy and Transportation and first place in Junior Academy (speaking). She was presented with the Naval Base Award for research.

Olevia Hughes worked with EAST to build a sensor for a disabled child's wheelchair. She placed second in division and won two Air Force and one Naval award.

Drew McFall partnered with Arkansas State University on an agricultural product. He created a box used to see water flow horizontally and vertically through feilds. He received second place overall in regional, as well as the sweeping science challenge award through the University of Arkansas. He competed at state and received first place in division in Junior Academy. McFall shared that he will represent the school at the International Science Initiative in Engineering in May in Arizona.

John Mixon with Cromwell Archictects and Engineers and Hardy Little of Little and Associates met with the board and presented color coded layouts of both the new junior and senior high and elementary buildings. Plans are still underway as everyone works together to meet state requirements and remain within budget.

Mixon shared details and discussed possible changes to the layout of the junior and senior high school to be located in Monette. The structure will be built around the existing Mustang Athletic Center. Mixon stated the floor elevation can be matched to that of the MAC and existing utilities will need to be moved.

Mixon shared a floor plan for the elementary building to be constructed in Leachville. One wing will consist of kindergarten through third grade. Another will house fourth through sixth. The kindergarten area will hold the hardened structure for students to take shelter in an emergency.

The Board heard a presentation given by Marshal Hughes of First Security Beardsley. Following the presentation the Board adopted a resolution authorizing the issuance and delivery of the $2,245,000 Buffalo Island Central School District Refunding Bonds dated May 1, 2015.

A second resolution was adopted for the Post-Issuance Compliance Policy Manual. Dana Poe was appointed district treasurer and will be in charge of the Post-Issuance Compliance Manual.

The Board agreed to open an account for construction funding with Bear State Bank.

Monies received from the Melda Strickland Estate in the amount of $63,248.21 will be placed in the building fund for the time being.

Debbie Olive presented four proposals on behalf of the Buffalo Island Personnel Policy Committee:

*Requested that out of state employees be allowed to transfer unpaid sick days from previous employers.

*Employees be given the option to exchange unused sick days for personal days.

*Employees be paid twice a month, on the fifth and 20th.

*Two calendar options for the next school year.

The Board tabled the decision concerning the requests until next month to allow time to review and present possible solutions to any problems they may foresee.

Contract renewals were granted for all certified and noncertified personnel seeking renewal for the 2016-17 school year.

BIC new hires are Tonya Boyd - pre-K director; Kristen Thomas - high school physics; Sarah Wattigney- junior high science; Isaac Middlebrooks - boys basketball coach and athletic director; Emily Hill - 12 grade English, journalism and yearbook; Justin Yates - golf coach

BIC resignations and retirees are Hannah Schooley, Cindy Elumbaugh, Lauren Denny,

Carey Cossey, Stephanie Woods, Michelle Moore, Jarrod Fires, Norma Navarro, Johnnye Wallace and Debbie King.

The BIC School Board meetings will be held the third Thursday of each month while plans for new construction are underway. The next meeting is scheduled for May 19.

Students received recognition at the BIC School Board meeting for achievements in band and State Fair. Pictured are, from left: J.J. Ivy, Christopher Rentoria, Drew McFall, Nikki Gordon and Olevia Hughes.

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