Big Lake Refuge has new manager

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Big Lake Refuge Manager Steven Rimer

Big Lake National Wildlife Refuge, near Manila, has a new manager, Steven Rimer.

Rimer, a native of Little Rock, is enjoying getting settled into his new home. Rimer is living in Leachville. His parents live in Little Rock and he has a sister living in Springfield, Mo.

The 2001 graduate of the University of Arkansas has a double degree in biology and zoology.

Before accepting the position of Big Lake manager, Rimer served as assistant manager for a complex of refuges in the Texas Panhandle.

He has found a lot more trees and water at Big Lake.

Big Lake Refuge consists of a little over 11,000 acres. Welcoming Rimer to Big Lake is Glenn French, engineer and equipment operator. The two of them are staying busy.

Rimer is looking forward to working with the Corp of Engineers, Arkansas Game and Fish, and the Missouri Department of Conservation (just north of Big Lake).

They are presently working on moist soil management for waterfowl.

They will be welcoming the YCC, (Youth Conservation Corps), workers for summer jobs at Big Lake. He is expecting four youth workers.

"We have a lot of yard work, painting fishing peers, and maintenance on walking trails planned," Rimer said. "A lot of trash has floated in because of the rains."

"Fishing was doing well at Big Lake but the rains have slowed it down causing the water to be muddy. Hopefully, it will be back to normal soon." Rimer is looking forward to fishing, one of his hobbies, and duck hunting on the state side.

He hopes to open the Refuge for educational workshops to school groups.

Visitors stopping by the Refuge Visitor's Center can learn about the history of Big Lake.

Rimer's career with the Fish and Wildlife Services has taken him to some great places where he has met some great people. In addition to Texas, he has worked in Mississippi and Southwest Arizona.

Working for the U.S. Wildlife Service has always been in his vision for the future.

"I am happy to be here," Rimer said.

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