Monette Council hears proposal for sewer plant project

Tuesday, April 5, 2016
Wayne Menley with Miller Newell Engineers addressed the Monette City Council at the March 28 meeting.

Wayne Menley with Miller Newell Engineers shared information with the Monette City Council concerning the proposed combination loan grant for the sewer plant project during the March 28 meeting.

The proposal presented at the meeting is the combination of a grant for $1,005,000 and a loan of $1,397,000. The combination comprises of a total of 42 percent grant and 58 percent loan.

Menley went on to discuss a proposed letter of conditions with the Council and a layout for budget and funding.

The Council accepted Resolution 2016-2. The city will be issuing bonds for a portion of the cost of the sewer plant project.

An announcement ceremony for the sewer project is currently under preparation by Mayor Jerry "Chub" Qualls and school officials to be held on Earth Day.

The five year lease agreement for the building that houses the Monette Police Department is set to expire May 1. The city hopes to gain ownership of the building and is awaiting information on the possibility. All lease payments are up to date and repairs to damaged columns are expected to begin soon.

April Finch spoke with the Council on behalf of the Buffalo Island Central School District. Finch informed the council of a request for use of a barn. The barn will help students wishing to participate in FFA and 4H that have no access to property necessary to house animals. Part of the plans include students helping with preparation and maintenance.

Dr. Kima Stewart, principal, included many educational benefits for students outside of FFA and 4H. Stewart shared the possibility of animal therapy, agricultural and science applications.

The council shared their encouragement and suggested that everyone involved put together and present plans to the Monette Planning Commission.

Following discussion about some expectations and regulations that may need to be addressed Alderman Bob Hurst, Sr. spoke about the idea.

"You will need to meet guidelines for public buildings but this is a great idea." Hurst said. "Education is the most essential thing. Anytime we can educate our kids in anything it's important."

Mayor Qualls shared information concerning the recycle agreement with Craighead County Regional Solid Waste Authority. The Council was informed in a previous meeting of a grant to the cities involved in the recycling program. An additional 50 cents per ton has been added to waste disposal fees and 36 cents will be returned to the cities in the grant request approved by the Council.

The Council entered a one year contract agreement with Abilities Unlimited to sort recycling. A reusable container will be issued to hold recycling materials instead of the blue bags used previously.

Mayor Qualls shared news on the recently purchased police vehicle. The truck has been ordered and they are expecting a date for delivery soon.

A number of properties that have fallen into disrepair or abandonment were reviewed. Most owners have been contacted and shared plans to clean up or care for properties as necessary.

Mayor Qualls brought $240,576.43 in the Sanitation Fund to the Council's attention. It was suggested the city pay off a $39,465.17 debt for the newest dump truck purchase. Alderman Dick Pace suggested some of the remaining balance in the Sanitation fund be placed in a CD. The Council agreed to pay off the truck and Pace offered to look into options and rates for a CD.

After speaking with other cities about their planning commission pay Mayor Qualls found options that may work for Monette. Members of the planning commission are not currently paid for participation and the Council will make a decision and set payment soon.

The Monette Veterans Park Committee is making progress toward goals set for the project. The application for tax credit has been submitted and information is being collected for the cost of etching names. The committee will be able to collect money and veteran information as soon as a price is established.

Brandon Decker, alderman, filled the Council in on Cemetery Committee activity. A pump will be repaired and a building that needs maintenance will be looked at to begin work soon.

GIF funds expected to be received in 2016 are currently unavailable due to a lawsuit. None of the grant recipients are able to collect money at the moment.

Larry Bibb, alderman, expressed concern for a nearby unkempt property and a canine's well being. Mayor Qualls shared that he will have the issues looked into as soon as possible.

The annual Rabies Clinic is set to be held at the Fire Station from 2:30-4 p.m. Saturday, April 9.

The Annual Clean Sweep is scheduled for the week of May 9 through May 13.

The next Council meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. April 25.

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