Manila School Board approves raises

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Manila School Superintendent Pam Castor presented a recommendation for salary increases for all certified and classified personnel at the March 17 meeting.

Architect John Mixon displays plans and material samples for the new high school building project.

She said the proposed salary increase recommendations had been sent to the personnel policy committee and had been voted on by teachers. The majority of the votes were for $400 to the base; $32 for education increments; and $27 for experience increments.

The amount is comparable to the 2014-2015 increase except it was a bonus and not a raise. Castor pointed out the district will have to increase the same percentage for their part of the insurance premiums.

Board member Johnny McCain asked why the vote was not for all of the increase to go to the base so all would be equal.

"Sometimes the vote goes that way but this time it did not," Ms. Castor said.

She also requested a 30 cent an hour raise for classified personnel and 50 cent increase per trip for bus drivers.

The board voted unanimously to adopt the raises. The increase is for the 2015-2016 school year and will continue through next year's contracts.

Ms. Castor said the third quarter enrollment is stable.

"We have students to come and go but we are about the same as last year at the end of the third quarter," she said.

Mrs. Castor announced the 2015 audit is complete and there were no findings.

Following an executive session, the board voted unanimously to hire Cary Cossey as assistant girls basketball coach; move Chris Ferrell, high school principal, to assistant superintendent; and transfer Tony Crowell from dean of students to high school principal.

The board voted unanimously to renew certified contracts on the list as presented by Ms. Castor.

John Mixon, architect, presented several material samples for the board to review.

"We are getting excited," he said.

Dirt work on the new high school should be started in about four weeks.

A discussion was held on possibly taking down the office and bus shed to reassemble and reuse.

Ms. Castor felt it could be done but it would need to be done quickly.

"I hate to scrap it if we don't have to," Ms. Castor said.

"If there is nothing wrong with it it should work," Board member Dean Tucker said. "I'm a salvage guy."

The board was in agreement it was a good idea to try to reuse the building. They gave Ms. Castor the authority to check on the cost and feasibility of taking it down for reuse.

In other business the Board:

*Voted to purchase a 50'x60' metal building pending state approval.

*Approved a list of items which have been in storage to be sold the first week in April on a first come first serve basis.

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