BIC math teacher named March Teacher of the Month

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Buffalo Island Central fourth grade math teacher Scott Petznick was named March KAIT Teacher of the Month. Students nominated Mr. Petznick for the honor.

Buffalo Island Central fourth grade math teacher Scott Petznick was named KAIT March Teacher of the Month.

Petznick was nominated by his students.

"I was shocked when the crew came in," Petznick said. "I had no idea they had nominated me," the 16 year veteran teacher said.

Petznick taught in Wisconsin for 14 yeas before moving to Arkansas. His wife, Sherry Cornielson Petznick, is a native of the area and she too is a teacher at Buffalo Island Central.

Petznick said he was born with a teacher DNA.

He comes from a family of teachers and he loves his job.

"It is so rewarding to watch my students grow in education and character," he said. "I had great teachers and I just wanted to give back."

He smiled when he recalled his own kindergarten year. He said he would come home every afternoon, put Winnie the Pooh in his desk, line up his chalk board and teach the stuffed bear everything he had learned that day."

Petznick said the honor of being chosen because it recognized not just me but the students, other teachers, and the community.

Petznick graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor's Degree and earned his Master's Degree from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minn.

Throughout his teaching career, he has looked for ways to help his students do the best they can. He started his first year using his musical talent playing the guitar.

"Music is a huge avenue to help kids remember," he said.

He also creates games such as the marble game for friendly math competition. He has fun Friday videos. He also gives out king size candy bars for kids who do well on the tests every week.

He has a two hour block for math this year and he said it is working well.

He said moving to Arkansas has been wonderful.

"The kids here are so respectful," he said. "Arkansas is moving forward in education and it is exciting to see it and be part of it.

"I love where I am. We have a good administration here. The teachers and students welcomed us and allowed us to be part of the district and the community."

They have four grown children (two are married), and a five year old son.

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