Caraway Council members inspect new backhoe and fire truck

Tuesday, March 15, 2016
Caraway has new fire truck.

Caraway Council members started the March 10 meeting by flashlight as the power was out throughout the town. The electricity came back on shortly after the meeting began.

Prior to the start of the meeting, Mayor Barry Riley and council members viewed the 420 Cat backhoe purchased by the city.

Terry Couch, water/sewer superintendent, said he had put it to good use since its arrival.

Pictured are Caraway Mayor Barry Riley (left) and Councilman Roger Williams.

Couch gave a financial report for the water/sewer department itemizing the expenses for repairs and other purchases for the department.

Mayor Riley informed the council he would like to hire a part-time worker for 19 hours a week at minimum wage for the mowing season. He said this would free up the city workers for projects they work on.

Councilman Mitchell Tipton asked what projects the city workers would be working on.

Caraway Council members, mayor and city employees look at the Cat 420 backhoe recently purchased.

Mayor Riley said seasonal work includes two days cemetery mowing a week, mowing the ball parks, picking up limbs and cleaning out the ditches.

Among the options discussed by council members to help during the mowing season included hiring part-time help, bidding out the cemetery ground work, or using community service workers.

Councilman Roger Williams made the motion to hire the part-time help, seconded by Mark Bell. The motion passed 4-2 with Tipton and Bo James casting the no votes.

Mayor Riley informed the council members the fire truck had arrived and it would need some equipment to meet ISO requirements.

An estimate of $25,000, if all new hoses are purchased, was discussed.

Following a discussion, the council unanimously approved $12,000 to purchase equipment for the fire truck out of ACT 833 money and use existing hoses if they pass the pressure test. They decided to test the hoses before purchasing new ones.

The council also discussed purchasing refurbished self-contained two breathing apparatus (SCBA). Former Fire Chief Scotty Browning said he had found refurbished equipment that could purchased for half the price.

Tipton said he would be for the purchase of the SCBAs for the safety of the firemen.

Mayor Riley spoke to representatives of the highway department about the walking traffic to Dollar General and a survey will be conducted from the fire department to the store. Traffic may be slowed down with a flashing light or a sign, Riley said.

The annual Easter Egg Hunt is set for 1 p.m. March 26. Mayor Riley said the park commission will need volunteers to help with the event.

The fishing rodeo is also coming up in May.

The council had earmarked GIF money to help with the community garden and the fishing rodeo. Riley said the GIF money is presently on hold.

The council agreed to keep their promise to give $1,000 for the community garden.

Mitchell suggested it be paid from the factory maintenance fund.

A resident addressed the council about a fence being placed behind her home that will block access to the alleyway. She said their yard light will be behind the fence.

Couch said the city does not have utilities there but there is a power line. He suggested they look into the records to see if there is an easement.

"You know my opinion is to never give up an easement," Couch said.

Mayor Riley said they would look into it and see if the city has an easement on the property.

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