Farmers Market partners in education

Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Buford Hufford (left), manager of Monette Farmers Market, and Buffalo Island Central Superintendent Gaylon Taylor discuss the new Partners in Education program.

Farmers Market, along with other G&W Family of Stores, is rolling out a new program called Partners in Education (PIE) in appreciation to their customers and communities. Under the PIE program, Farmers Market will pay local schools one percent of customer receipts for purchases made at the local Farmers Market.

Buford Hufford, manager of Monette Farmers Market, said Farmers Market is proud to be a part of the community and believes the best way to support the community is to invest in the future of children.

Hufford met with Buffalo Island Central Superintendent Gaylon Taylor on Friday to discuss the PIE program.

The individual school will establish its own goal for the program and priorities for spending the money. The funds will need to be used to contribute, directly or indirectly, to the education of the children.

Other schools can get details on how to sign up for the PIE program from local Farmers Market managers.

Superintendent Taylor expressed his appreciation to Farmers Market. He said they will get the message out to the parents. Boxes will be placed around the school for students to bring in Farmers Market receipts.

Hufford said Farmers Market is also environmentally conscious and is offering a .05 credit for each reusable bag a customer brings in lieu of a disposable bag.

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