Former Manila resident author of newly published novel

Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Adam Stanfill

Allen Stanfill, former Manila resident, has his first novel, "Camp Hell," published. He lived in Manila most of his life before moving to Cody, Wyo., eight years ago. He is the son of Danny and Carolyn Stanfill.

Camp Hell is about a killer in the woods by the name of Albert. Stanfill said Albert is not an ordinary killer. He is very smart and a precise killing machine.

It took Stanfill seven months to write the book and another two to edit it.

He gives credit to his fiancee, Jerry Dunlap, who gave him the nudge to write his first novel.

Camp Hell can be purchased in bookstores or online.

Readers can look for "Camp Hell II" that will be out sometime next year. Stanfill is also working on other books that will be out in the near future.

Stanfill has two children, Justin and Kylee. He also has four brothers, Bryan, Adam, Trevor and Travis.

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