Manila Senior Night held

Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Manila senior cheerleaders and basketball players were honored on senior night. Cheerleaders are Jenna Benson, Callie Cater, Morgan Carter, Kayley Collier, Mollie Beth Couch, Kylie Henderson, Dru Ann Hicks and Caitlin Holt. Senior Lady Lions are Taylor Harmon, Sarah Pentecost, Courtney Scott and Lauren Woody. Senior basketball boys and managers are Jake Helton, Luis Maldonado, Joshua McQueen, Burch Milano and Juan Villegas.

Manila 2015-2016 senior basketball players and cheerleaders were recognized on Tuesday night before the games. Seniors and their parents were introduced. Each senior received a plaque.

A tribute table in the lobby was on display with with framed pictures and posters of the seniors with a theme, "You never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory" -- Dr. Seuss.

A keepsake program was designed and printed by the EAST students.

Senior cheer squad members and number of years they have cheered for the Lions are:

Jenna Rae Benson, daughter of Ray and Jennifer Benson, (eight years).

Morgan LeAnn Carter, daughter of Michael and Glenda Carter, (six years).

Callie Madison Cater, daughter of Tim and Dawnna Cater, (nine years).

Kayley Collier, daughter of Buck and Chasity Collier, (seven years).

Mollie Beth Couch, daughter of Brooke and Tommy Dunigan and Wayne and Selena Couch, (two years).

Kylie Henderson, daughter of Greg and Kim Hart, (nine years).

Dru Ann Hicks, daughter of Bubba and Liz Hicks, (five years).

Caitlin Holt, daughter of Bobby and Elaine Holt, (nine years).

Senior girls basketball members are:

Taylor Blake Harmon, daughter of Josh and Brandi Harmon, (nine years).

Sarah Ashley Pentecost, daughter of Jerry and Angela Pentecost, (eight years).

Courtney Paige Scott, daughter of Kenny and Cydi Scott, (nine years).

Lauren Brooke Woody, daughter of Dale and Christy Woody, (nine years).

Senior boys basketball members are:

Jake Helton, son of Bud and Jamie Whilhoite, (seven years).

Luis Maldonado, son of Rafael and Sandra Maldonado, (one year manager).

Joshua McQueen, son of Joe and Carla McQueen, (one year manager).

Burch Hutton Milano, son of Melissa and Joe Milano, (three years).

Juan Villegas, son of Juan and Sheila Villegas, (one year manager).

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