Manila dog pound gets helping hands

Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Destiny Johnson gets "Smiley" ready for a walk at the Manila Dog Pound.
Sabrina Key decided to call this dog Pumpkin. Pumpkin is ready to go for a run.

Tammy Walker, Manila animal control officer, is pleased to have three young women from Manila High School volunteer for 30 minutes a day at the pound.

Destiny Johnson, Kayley Collier and Sabrina Key are animal lovers. The EAST Initiative class at Manila High School allows students to choose projects and encourage students to use their equipment and talents in the community.

The team of girls decided they wanted to help at the dog pound and they socialize with the dogs, take them for walks, help clean the pins, and try to get the dogs adopted to good homes.

They feature the dogs on a Facebook page they created and have been successful in finding homes.

"Walking the dogs and the socialization are so important to the dogs' health," Walker said. "The dogs do seem to look forward to their visits each day."

Walker works hard to make the dog pound the best it can be. It will average four to eight dogs a week. It is unusual and rare for the pound to be empty.

When calls are received, Walker first looks for the owners. She encourages pet owners to go to city hall and purchase city tags for $2.50. If the dogs have tags it would help her in returning the dogs instead of taking them to the pound.

When dogs get out of their pens, if she can find the owner, she will give a verbal warning the first time and also give them a copy of the city ordinance.

Manila does have a leash law and dogs should not be running free.

Since Walker started in 2014 she has had 40 dogs adopted and 27 dogs returned to their homes.

There is a $25 pick-up fee and a $3 a day kennel fee for dogs taken to the pound.

Kayley Collier, one of the volunteers at the Manila Dog Pound, calls this dog Spot.

She hates to have to put dogs down. She is certified in euthanasia but she would much rather find a home for the animlas.

A rescue group, Angie's Angels, helps her find homes for dogs when they can.

"Angie's Angels have donated beds for the dogs at the Manila pound," she said. "Woody Townsend has also made donations, along with the Manila Business Women who donated $100 for cleaning supplies. Mrs. Kay from Walmart donates dog food. When they get torn bags they call me to pick it up."

Walker said they have a lot of needs such as food, metal food and water bowls, collars of all sizes, leashes, old towels for cleaning, etc.

Persons wanting to make monetary donations can leave it at city hall. Anything is appreciated.

The Manila Pound does not charge for adopting dogs. New owners have to take the dogs to a veterinarian for shots and have the dog spayed/neutered. They have to bring the paperwork back to Walker for the pound's records.

Manila's pound is heated and air conditioned. Walker said it does need some repairs. She works on it as she has time, but if anyone is interested in volunteering to work on the building it would be helpful.

If anyone has extra fencing for additional dog runs to donate more dogs could be out at the same time for exercise. Presently there are two small fenced areas.

There are a lot of regulations dog pounds have to meet. Walker does her best to make sure the Manila Pound meets all of the regulations and the facility is a good place for the dogs.

If anyone is interested in fostering dogs while Walker is searching for permanent homes that could be helpful.

Persons with a missing pet needs to check with Walker to see if it has been taken to the pound. She likes to see dogs returned to their families.

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