Committee formed to review pay scale

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Before approving the Lake City December minutes at the Jan. 18 meeting, Alderman Danny Dunigan said he would like to make a statement.

Dunigan said the December minutes had appeared in two local newspapers and he wanted the employees to know he was not opposed to raises, he just wanted the need for adjusting a salary scale that would match job descriptions addressed.

Mayor Jon Milligan informed the Council a committee of Lake City residents has been formed and they are reviewing the pay scales of other cities in the area. When completed the committee will bring the information to the Council.

City Clerk Linda Simpson made the statement the council meeting minutes are a record of the City, and as part of her job she is required keep accurate records and to record as such.

The council then approved the minutes of the Dec. 17 meeting unanimously.

Mayor Milligan introduced Jason McDonald, civil engineer, to discuss plans for a new water tower.

Mayor Milligan said as Lake City continues to grow it is apparent a new water tank will be needed in the near future to service additional housing and businesses.

Mr. McDonald gave the city an estimate for a 100,000 gallon tank but also said the cost for a 150,000 gallon tank would not be that much more as the structure to build either tank would be the same.

Financing possibilities were discussed with several options including NRCS, Rural Development, Private Bonds or a new city sales tax. NRCS or Rural Development would increase water bills $7.00 per month until the 40 year note is paid in full.

Mr. McDonald also said the City is not eligible for any grants because the City's LMI is too high.

Mayor Milligan agreed to gather more information and contact Mr. McDonald later this week.

Collin Timms, Riverside High School student, was introduced to the council. Collin and two other students developed a web-site for the Lake City Museum, through the guidance of Matt Zeigler, instructor at Riverside High School. The students worked on the site through the EAST Lab at the school. Collin asked that the city cover the cost of the website at a rate of $49.00 per year. Council voted unanimously to approve paying the $49 annual fee.

Mayor Milligan reviewed the 2016 budget with Council, explaining the changes made were adding $12,000 to purchase a new vehicle for the police department. A 4x4 Ford Explorer would be purchased with a $5,000 down payment and the remaining $7,000 would make the $581 payment for the remainder of the year. The note would be a three year note. Also the $5,000 grant received for recycling from CCRSWMD would be used to make the payment on the vehicle purchased in 2015.

The Council voted unanimously to adopt the 2016 budget.

In other business:

-- Mayor Milligan reviewed a letter regarding the opinion of City Attorney Arlon Woodruff on the streets laid out by the developer of Jackson and Skylark streets. Attorney Woodruff recommended the City pass an Ordinance accepting the dedication of the streets. Mayor Milligan said he will ask Mr. Woodruff to proceed said Ordinance.

- Mayor Milligan presented a lease agreement for himself as mayor and the City Clerk Simpson between the City of Lake City for their private vehicles which are used for city business. The council approved the agreement unanimously.

- Mayor Milligan asked the Council to approve an easement to the city from Cobb Family Partnership, LLP to allow for the removal of trees on the Cobb Property, for the widening of Rebel Drive. The council accepted the easement. With the discussion of the Cobb Family Partnership, LLP council agreed to allow the City Attorney to invite people into the annexation of said property.

The next council meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 15, at city hall.

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