BIC Board moving forward with construction plans

Tuesday, January 26, 2016
Hardy Little with Little and Associates, Adam Seider, project manager with Nabholtz Construction, and John Mixon with Cromwell Architects meet with the Buffalo Island Central School Board discussing expectations moving forward with new construction.

John Mixon of Cromwell Architects and Engineers and Hardy Little of Little and Associates addressed the Bufallo Island School Board along with Adam Seider of Nabholz Construction, during the Jan. 21 meeting. They answered questions asked by the Board concerning roles moving forward in the future construction on Monette and Leachville campuses.

A millage generating funds for the construction of new facilities, Junior and Senior Highschool in Monette and K-6 on the Leachville campus, was passed by voters Jan. 12. The additional 7 mills will raise the districts portion of construction cost. The majority of the project will be funded through the state partnership program.

The District will hold a contract with Little and Associates under which Cromwell will be subcontracted. According to Mixon, partnerships are not uncommon in order to bring in a firm with experience specific to a project. Mixon and Little shared a fee schedule as well as an organization chart with plans for future allocation of tasks and responsibility.

Both architects assured the Board of their intentions to meet the district's wants and needs as a team including work with Nabholz Construction as soon as possible.The criteria established by Mixon and Little were explained to the Board. First, decision making will be kept in line with BIC direction. Second, making sure to meet state requirements as expressed by the facilities manual and codes. Finally, quality with attention to durability, cost and appearance.

Plans to collect information will be finalized in the near future. Ideas for tactics were briefly discussed, and the district will make the decision on how administration, teacher and public interaction and input will be combined for final decisions.

The Board received a certificate following an hour of professional development training presented by Brock Cline of Nabholz Construction. Adam Sieder, Construction Manager, also shared information as it pertained to the project and answered questions asked by the Board.

Sieder and Cline shared plans and expectations moving forward involving construction scheduling and plans to encourage both cost and time efficiency. Without established plans, Seider estimated following finalization of budgets, construction will take 16-17 months from beginning to completion.

Superintendent Taylor and the Board expressed their enthusiasm and plan to do everything in their power to ensure the completed elementary and high school will be long lasting and equipped to stay on track with any advancements in the future of education.

John Steele presented the board with information packets expressing his concerns for details following the recently passed millage. Steele also accepted documentation previously requested concerning budget reports for the months of April, May and June for the year 2015.

Following the approval of both minutes and the financial report the board approved hiring Lori Brickell for the remainder of the year.

Starting in January a Purchase Service Contract for $500 per month was approved for Laura McFarlan. MacFarlan will serve as a financial consultant and supervise and train district book keepers.

The Board agreed to send a representative to the Leachville City Council meeting to offer the donation of the Leachville campus gym to the city. Superintednent Taylor will talk with Mayor Ralph Wells about ownership and property lines in order to find the accurate information for land to be included in the donation.

The decision was made to offer the structure under the stipulation that the city first develop a committee and inform the Board of any intentions for use of the building. The Board would also like to remain informed of any future plans for use. The Board also decided that if the building later falls out of use, the property be returned to the school. Should the city not accept the donation, alternative uses will be found and the building will not be destroyed.

The board looked over and signed the following documents:

*A resolution for the adoption of the Mississippi County Mitigation Plan.

*The allowance for new signature on checks.

In other business:

*Superintendant evaluation forms were given to the members of the Board to be completed before the February meeting.

*The Board discussed naming the media center to be built in the new High School. The Board agreed on the name Russell and Melda Strickland Media Center in acknowledgment of a significant contribution of land donated to BIC by the Strickland's. The donation generates scholarships available students in the BIC district.

*Superintendent Taylor shared that an ACT prep course has been incorporated into the schedule once a week during the new semester.

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