Caraway Mayor offers State of the City address

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Caraway Mayor Barry Riley gave the State of the City address at the Jan. 14 meeting. During 2015 the city leased the Basler building to Crop Production for $1,000 a month. Riley said he was proud to announce the city had paid off the sewer/waste water treatment plant 24 years early.

"We were able to pay it off early thanks in large to former city leaders who paid a large sum in the late 1990s," Mayor Riley said.

Renovations were made to the fire department and the city playground was designated a no smoking area.

Riley said he is looking forward to 2016. The city will have a community garden, a new fire truck and, hopefully, will be able to purchase a new backhoe.

State Rep. Dave Wallace, District 54, spoke briefly to the council.

In other business:

--Ordinance 2016-01, accepting a revised budget for the Caraway Street, Caraway General Fund and Water and Sewer Department, was passed unanimously.

--Ordinance 2016-02, accepting the proposed 2016 budget for the Caraway Water and Sewer, General Fund and Street Fund was passed unanimously.

--Mayor Riley informed the council Brad Walling would be assuming the position of fire chief, replacing Scott Browning, after the arrival of the new fire truck.

--Mayor Riley said it is with regret he informed the council the city bookkeeper/secretary Marcia Stevens will be leaving her position, effective Feb. 29. He expressed his appreciation for her years of service and wished her well in her plans for the future.

--Citizens Brenda Stotts and James Howell discussed property in the process of being cleaned up and water drainage issues after the recent rains. Mayor Riley said the city will continue to work on the issues and hopes everyone can work together to help better Caraway.

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