Keeping the water flowing

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Caraway resident Kenny Weathers expressed his appreciation to two local state representatives, Dan Sullivan, District 53, and Dave Wallace, District 54, for their efforts in getting the tunnels at Rivervale Bridge cleaned out. The tunnels, built in 1924, have two waterways flowing, Floodway and Buffalo. The unique tunnels allow the Buffalo Ditch to flow under the Floodway.

The tunnels were built in 1924 for two waterways to flow. This was taken before the cleanup. Residents were concerned the water would overflow because of the debris. (photos provided)

The Buffalo Ditch at Rivervale is in Mississippi County near Craighead County.

"We were concerned about the water not being able to flow through the tunnels because of the debris," Weathers said. "With all of the rains we had we were worried the water would come back on area fields and residences in the Caraway area."

Rep. Wallace and Rep. Sullivan were at a luncheon in Caraway when citizens talked to them about the problem. They drove out to see for themselves and joined their efforts in getting the job done quickly to prevent water from overflowing.

The cleanup was accomplished and Buffalo Ditch did not overflow.

Rep. Wallace said the bridge was in his district and if the ditch had backed up and overflowed it could have done damage to Craighead County residences in Rep. Sullivan's district.

Rep. Wallace called several members of the Drainage District 17 board including David Wildy, Tony Costner, Edward Reginold and Chairman John Rose.

"They were all very helpful, along with Danny Finch who is with the Craighead County Drainage District," Rep. Wallace said. "Drainage District 17 crew got the work done and got it done quickly before the next rains."

Both Rep. Wallace and Rep. Sullivan were pleased with the response they received saving a lot of problems for area residents.

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