Manila Council discusses repairs on city buildings

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Manila Mayor Wayne Wagner reported on needed work on the Airport Center building and the Boy Scout Hut at the Monday, Nov. 16 meeting.

Mayor Wagner said he had not heard back on the needed repairs at the Boy Scout Hut but he would let the Council know when he received estimates on the work needed on the building.

He also said the dormers at the Airport/Community Center are leaking and causing damage. He said the leaks will ruin the ceiling. He said he had received an estimate of $3,000 to close up the windows.

"Under the circumstances it sounds like it would be a good idea," Councilwoman Linda Donovan said. "The moisture coming through the dormers is coming down the wall and the floor."

After more discussion, the council voted unanimously to take the windows out.

Councilman Donnie Wagner asked about getting a lift to replace lights in the Airport Center that have gone out. He said it would be good to get it done before the holidays. Mayor Wagner suggested they get a cost on renting a lift for a day to get the work done safely.

Mayor Wagner then reported on the opening of the new food pantry located on Main Street. He said there is still a leak around the heating/air exhaust fan but they are working on it and it is open.

He informed the council members the city does have a sewer problem and the city workers are working hard to get it all repaired.

"If you get any calls, ask your constituents to be patient," Mayor Wagner said. "Our guys are working 24/7 to get it all fixed."

Mayor Wagner said he has been in discussion with Police Chief James Skinner and Fire Chief Tracey Reinhart concerning a new radio system for the police and fire departments. He said to equip both departments, they had a combined cost of $43,000. He said they had until Dec. 15 to accept the offer and he would have more information at the next meeting.

"This (digital radio system) is something that has to happen," Councilman Steven Milligan said. "The need is there and it is time for us to get it taken care of."

The council then agreed to change the December meeting to 4 p.m. Monday, Dec. 14.

Following an executive session, the council voted to approve five new firefighters as recommended. They are Brandon Bollinger, Justin Elliott, Ashley Baugher, Adam Stallings, and Hunter Holt.

Assistant Fire Chief Glenn French thanked the council.

"Many of our firemen work out of town during the day," French said. "This will help with more numbers available when the day fire calls come in."

In other business:

*Mayor Wagner said police officers would meet on Tuesday morning for policy and procedure classes in the use of the tasers.

*The council voted to give all full time employees a $1,400 bonus, department heads a $1,500 bonus, and part-time employees a bonus based on time.

*Mayor Wagner said once there is a break in the weather he will get back with the company about paving the two streets, Medical Drive, and Wise Subdivision north of town.

*The Christmas parade will be at 6 p.m. Dec. 5.

*Woody Townsend with the pilot's association gave an update on the new hangar. He said the West door has been delayed another four weeks.

*Chris Cheadle said he had spoken to some family members about property in the downtown area. He said there is an interest but the family wants more details. He said some of the family members said they would like to see something provided for the Lions Club and the Scouts.

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