Cook to seek fourth term as Mississippi County Sheriff

Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Mississippi County Sheriff Dale Cook

Mississippi County Sheriff Dale Cook said Monday, he will seek re-election in the March 1, 2016, primary election.

Cook, who was first elected in 2010, said he wants to continue working on the goals he has set forth, concentrating on illegal drugs and thefts, officer safety and jail repairs, a higher quality of service for the citizens of Mississippi County, and a successful SRO program.

"Illegal drug and theft arrests remain my top priorities," Cook said, pointing out the Mississippi County Sheriff's Department, along with the 2nd Judicial District Drug Task Force, have investigated and arrested many low-to-top-level individuals manufacturing, transporting and distributing illegal drugs, As evidenced by the very successful HITTS Operations, Manila ICE Operations, and the BLYND Justice Operations.

"We have added new equipment for our officers' safety, including new protective vests, tasers, tint meters, and new radios. We have added new patrol vehicles to our fleet, making it safer for our deputies to patrol Mississippi County and better protect and serve our citizens. Also, major repairs to the county jail should be completed soon."

I have also encouraged my deputies to continue working on their civilian and law enforcement education. We have several deputies taking courses at Arkansas Northeastern College and are sending CID officers to Advanced Investigative Courses through the Criminal Justice Institute (CJI) at UASLR in Little Rock. This additional education that our officers are receiving is positively and directly affecting the work they do for the citizens of Mississippi County and raising our "Bar of Professionalism."

Cook said the Sheriff's Department has worked with the South Mississippi County School District to provide the school with a school resource officer to make it safer for students and faculty.

"Thus far it has been a very successful program and we will continue to work with South Mississippi County Schools to keep this program I place."

In summary Cook said, "I have an excellent staff and a group of leaders that I can delegate authority to. The success of our department is a direct result of hard work, diligence and dedication by the staff at the Sheriff's Department. We will continue to protect and serve the citizens of Mississippi County by providing a higher level of dedication, diligence and professionalism. The citizens of Mississippi County deserve nothing less. I have an open door policy at the Sheriff's Department, and we welcome your input as citizens of Mississippi County. It has been a distinct honor serving as your sheriff."

Cook and his wife Melissa have three children and one grandchild.

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