BIC Ghost Rider rides in Leachville

Tuesday, November 3, 2015
Landon Rauls got his wish to trick-or-treat as the Ghost Rider thanks to high school boys in the EAST Initiative classroom. Pictured with Landon are Hunter Drury, Hunter Burns, Jackson Sexton, Christian Ivy, Gavin Anderson and Evan Sanders, members of the team who designed and built the extension to turn Landon's wheelchair into a motorcycle.

Thanks to a very creative group of high school boys, the Ghost Rider rode through the halls at Buffalo Island Central East and the streets of Leachville on Friday morning, Oct. 30. Landon Rauls, 10, made no secret of his plans to be the Ghost Rider, one his of his favorite characters, for Halloween.

As Halloween was approaching, Jill Sanders, facilitator for the EAST classroom at BIC High School, was called with a special request. She was asked if any of her students in the EAST classroom could turn a wheelchair into a Ghost Rider motorcycle for an elementary student.

Landon has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. He is the son of Emily and John Sanders.

Students in the EAST classroom enjoy state-of-art technology and equipment. They are encouraged to choose projects to benefit their school and their community.

BIC High School students waiting to surprise Landon with their invention to turn his wheelchair into a motorcycle.

Miss Jill said it was out of her experience but she would ask some of her students to see what they could do. Six high school boys did not hesitate to take on the project to help make Landon's wish come true.

EAST students went to work. Using the technology in the EAST classroom, they drew up the plans and designs for an extension with a front wheel, using PVC pipe, attached with handlebars that could be bolted onto Landon's wheelchair. The extension was decorated with orange flames, skulls and lights.

It took about a week to construct the finished product. They were pleased to see Landon's face when it was delivered on Friday morning. It was a perfect fit.

Landon said he would be was the "coolest" Ghost Rider on the trick-or-treat day in Leachville on Friday and Saturday. He joined fellow BIC students as they enjoyed trick-or-treat to Leachville businesses.

The future engineers, designers, inventors and leaders in the EAST classroom who took on the project should be very proud for a job well done. High school students are Hunter Drury, Hunter Burns, Jackson Sexton, Christian Ivy, Gavin Anderson and Evan Sanders. Brandon Ballard who served as a substitute teacher for Miss Jill also helped.

When the boys turned Landon's wheelchair into the Ghost Riders motorcycle, there were a lot of smiles and a few tears.

"Here at BIC we have kids and teachers who care about making a difference in a person's life and touching a child's heart," East Principal Nicole Stewart said.

Landon expressed his appreciation with a smile.

"If you ever need me, just call," Landon said.

Stewart expressed her appreciation to the businesses for providing the treats for the trick-or-treaters.

Ms. Sanders said she is proud of her students and excited for Landon.

"They didn't hesitate to take on the project," she said.

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