Monette receives grant

Tuesday, November 3, 2015
Monette receives a grant to be used for radios in the fire department. Pictured are Council members Larry Bibb, Aaron Uthoff, Brandon Decker, Mayor Jerry Qualls, Tom Carrol, Bob Hurst, Sr. and Dick Pace.

Monette Mayor Jerry "Chub" Qualls informed the members at the Monday, Oct. 26, council meeting, Governor Asa Hutchinson had presented Bob Chambers and Mayor Qualls with a check of $7,573 from the Arkansas Economic Development Commission. The presentation took place during the Oct. 12 reception at the Arkansas State Capitol. The 50/50 matching grant will be used to supply the Monette Fire Department with new hand-held radios.

Council heard updates on paving Carol Avenue. It was mentioned at last month's meeting that Carol Avenue was the only street in Monette left unpaved. Mayor Qualls shared three bids submitted for the Carol Avenue project. He also briefly addressed the Council's interest during the last meeting of the possibility of paving other roads.

The City has a budget of $35,000 for street projects, none of which has been spent. So far, other street work has been completed through state tax funding.

Mayor Qualls shared he has since taken a closer look at Industrial Drive. He found it is paved to a certain point, and he would like the Council to consider paving it completely.

Dick Pace suggested taking the matter of access roads and the highway to the planning commission. Pace proposed plans be reviewed and worked out by the commission, then brought back to the Council for voting. A few concerns for safety and the number of roads that will connect directly to the bypass were discussed. Pace began making plans for future meetings to address the details brought to the Council's attention.

The lowest bid for Carol Avenue was placed by Atlas Asphalt for $16,000. The Council noted that if the bid was not accepted withing 10 days, the company could withdraw its submission. Council agreed to accept the Atlas bid.

The Council discussed progress made toward purchasing a new police vehicle. Mayor Qualls spoke to State Representative Dan Sullivan earlier in the day and shared GIF funds are expected to be awarded in the near future. If awarded, the city will use the funding toward the cost of the new vehicle. It has been estimated the cost, including equipment, will be around $28,000.

Following an executive session, the Council agreed to postpone the appointment of a new building inspector until the next meeting.

Joe Russell is in charge of the 2015 Christmas Parade. The Council acknowledged his participation and a job well done on last year's parade. The parade will be held at 7 p.m. Monday, Dec 7.

Bob Hurst, Sr. inquired about the 1.8 millage mentioned in the September meeting. It is expected to be included in the agenda next month.

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