Manila board hears principal report

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Elementary Principal Jason Evers gives a building report at the Manila School Board meeting.

Principal Jason Evers gave an update on the elementary school at the Manila board meeting Thursday, Oct. 15. Evers announced enrollment in the elementary is up by five from the same time last year. He said pre-kindergarten continues to be full at 60, with a waiting list.

Enrollment in the elementary by grades is: kindergarten 82; first grade 72; second grade 101; third grade 86; and fourth grade 78; for a total of 419.

Evers said they are working on vertical alignment across the district.

"For alignment within the K-4 building, we have created teams with a representative from each grade level that meets for specific subjects," Evers said. "The meetings have been successful. The teachers have enjoyed the meetings and they are finding the gaps and sharing ideas."

A math and literacy night is being planned to give parents the opportunity to see what is going on in the classroom. It will be a fun night for students and parents, Evers said. Teachers will be able to show parents the curriculum, teaching strategies, and offer information on how parents can help their child at home.

He went on to talk about teacher training for math readiness and growth, Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI); and Extending Children's Mathematics (ECM).

"We had the kick-off celebration, and the pre-kindergarten students enjoyed a visit from Air Evac," Evers said. "Students have gone on field trips to the pumpkin patch and to the fire station. We appreciate you allowing us to go on field trips. Kids learn from these trips and it is a good experience."

Superintendent Pam Castor said the elementary had received award money for academic excellence and Mr. Evers is using it for the students.

No changes were made in the officer elections. Members of the board voted to re-elect Jeremy Jackson, president; Brandon Veach, vice-president; and Tracey Reinhart, secretary.

The board approved the recommendation of Mrs. Castor in the election of Johnny McCain as chief financial dispersing officer, with alternates Brandon Veach, Tracey Reinhart, Tommy Wagner and Dean Tucker.

Mrs. Castor distributed the Master Plan Components for 2016 to 2021. She asked the board to review and make any suggestions on any building projects or renovation projects.

"Now is the time to add anything to the plan," she said. "The time line can go past the six years. It can go up to 10 years. Even if it is a project which the state will not fund we need to submit it because it must be approved by the state. All projects, funded or not, have to be approved by the state.

Board member Wagner said he would like to see the school have a golf practice green.

"The kids would not have to leave the campus to practice," he said. "I don't think it would take much space or cost a lot."

Board member Reinhart said the more things that are on campus, the better it is for the students.

In other business:

*Mrs. Castor presented a list of all employees that received a five percent salary increase over last year. She explained the increase can be for any reason including extra days on a contract, extra duties, bonus money, etc. The board has to acknowledge through a resolution they have reviewed the increases. The board passed the resolution unanimously.

*The board approved several disclosures from teachers and staff disclosing relationships to anyone who might do business or offer services to the school district.

*The board accepted the resignation of Patricia Ballard, cafeteria worker.

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