Monette Council topics include street paving and relocation of utilities

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Monette Mayor Jerry "Chub" Qualls informed the city council at the Sept. 28 meeting that work had started moving the utilities for the new by-pass.

Alderman Bob Hurst asked if the city would be reimbursed for any costs. Mayor Qualls said the city will be reimbursed.

Recorder Vickki Carroll read Resolution 2015-3, a resolution reaffirming the city's 1.8 millage on all real and personal property.

Alderman Hurst asked how the amount of Monette's millage compared to other towns around.

Mayor Qualls said he did not know but would find out before the next council meeting.

The resolution passed unanimously.

Council members present included Hurst, Larry Bibb, Tom Carroll, Brandon Decker, and Aaron Uthoff.

Mayor Qualls serves on the board of the Craighead County Solid Waste Disposal Authority. He said the landfill is one of the finest around and they need to build a new shop on the property. It will cost around $100,000, and be approximately a 60'x80' building with restroom.

Alderman Carroll asked how much is charged per ton and Recorder Carroll got a paid invoice for him. Alderman Carroll stated that it is $36 per ton.

Alderman Bibb said the amount is still cheaper than trying to maintain a landfill.

Mayor Qualls said he talked to Wayne Menley about the sewer plant project and reported everything is going good and USDA is doing a final report.

Kevin Bond, police officer, gave an update on Monette Night Out at the Park. Officer Bond said almost all of the donations have been collected and the prizes will be picked up on Wednesday. B&B's Restaurant will prepare the food. (The Nite Out at the Park was held Monday, Oct. 5.)

Mayor Qualls discussed the need to pave Carol Street which is still gravel. A representative from Barker Brothers Paving was in Monette and he gave an estimate, which was around $19,000, to prep and pave the street.

Alderman Carroll said if it has never been paved, there may be a reason and it may be because of farmland in that spot.

Mayor Qualls said he would check into that and also get other estimates to bring back to the council.

Billy Gathright will move his headquarters to an area just above Colson and will have an office building and a storage/shop building on the property.

Mayor Qualls said the council needs to think about any other paving projects that are needed.

Alderman Hurst asked if Lester Mullen was going to get certified in areas needed for the building inspector's job. Mayor Qualls said that he hasn't so far.

Clean Sweep Week will be Oct. 5-9.

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