Monette Veterans' Park in the making

Tuesday, October 6, 2015
Pictured are: Nan Snider, Linda Qualls, Chub Qualls, Barbara Suber, Harrell Damron, Larry Rolland, Margarete Reed, Jerry Reed, Ernestine Harrell, Steve Suber, Kathy Qualls and Henrietta Qualls. (photo provided)

Monette Veteran's Committee members met Sept. 24 to formulate plans to build a new veterans' park near the downtown intersection.

Henrietta Qualls spearheaded the effort to establish a veterans' park on the southeast corner of the stoplight intersection, at Drew Avenue and Edmonds Street.

"The city owns this lot, and it would make a great spot for the new park," Qualls said. "Mayor Chub Qualls and the city council support our effort to establish this park to show our appreciation for all the area veterans who have served so gallantly. We plan to place engraved markers at the park to name them individually and to express how much their contribution means to us."

Volunteers formulated plans for funding, preparation and possible expansion of the lot, layout of the park, installation of electrical and water lines to the property, monument color and design and potential park names.

"The Veterans' Committee will serve under the umbrella of the City Beautification Committee," Mayor Qualls said. "They will work together to establish and maintain the park and provide something that all of us can take pride in."

"We have seen some beautiful veterans' monuments and parks built in our area, and we want to do our part to have something like that for our own city," Mrs. Qualls said. "We will be looking for some grant funding, as well as seeking private donations, in order to get started. We are thankful for our city support and encouragement in this effort."

Veterans' Committee officers include Chairman Henrietta Qualls; Vice Chairman Nan Snider; Secretary Ernestine Harrell and Treasurer Vickki Carroll, with members, Jerry Reed, Margarete Reed, Larry Rolland, Harrell Damron and Kathy Qualls.

City Beautification Committee members include Chairman Barbara Suber, Steve Suber, Chub Qualls, Linda Qualls, Jessica Hurst, Karen Wallace, Leah Gathright, Nicole Stewart, Pat Hawkins, Raye Finley, Shawn Nance, Terri Higginbotham, Tina Carmichael, Vickki Carroll, Ernestine Harrell and Nan Snider.

Any donations to the Monette Veterans' Park can be made by contacting Monette City Hall or to any Veterans' Committee or Beautification Committee member.

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