BIC student attends Governor's School

Tuesday, September 8, 2015
Katherine Cotton attended the six week Arkansas Governor's School program held in Conway.

"Mom!" Katherine Cotton yelled. She ran to her mother, emotion bursting from her like air from a popped balloon. Too overwhelmed to speak, she shoved her phone into her mom's face. It was an email. She saw the word "Congratulations" and now they were both crying. Katherine was going to Arkansas Governor's School.

Arkansas Governor's School is a six week program at Hendrix College in Conway.

"Amazing, phenomenal, the sense of community was great for practically no one knowing each other," Cotton said. "I feel like I've met some of my best friends."

Students who attend AGS take classes from three different areas. Area 1 is a subject picked by the student such as language arts. Area 2 was about self expression through debates and other activities. Area 3 was about learning about one's self.

"My favorite class was probably my poetry class," Cotton said.

In the class they studied contemporary writers and poems from the Canon and tried to mimic their styles.

"AGS was a reality check for me," Cotton said. "It has taught me about the kind of people I need and don't need in my life."

Cotton said her best experience was meeting her friend Savanna.

"We were standing in line talking about the mixer we were having in a few days. We had to dress up in costumes from a different era and this girl was like 'hey do you guys know what you're doing' and we were like 'no idea, can you help us?' That's how that friendship started," Cotton said.

AGS had a closing banquet that was an emotional event for Cotton."They put all of us together, and they played 'I Was Here' by Beyonce," Cotton said. "I was crying, I was just bawling, everyone was bawling."

Cotton suggested that every junior should apply for the Governor's School.

"Do it! Don't doubt yourself, just get through the application process and don't stress out about it," Cotton said.

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