Manila School Board reviews building plans

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Manila School Board members reviewed building designs at a special called meeting Thursday evening.

The working meeting was scheduled to get input from board members on any changes or suggestions on the exterior of the new proposed high school.

John Mixon and Ira Wineman, architects with Cromwell Architects, presented a Power Point presentation. Board members reviewed the work in progress as the building project progressed over the last several years.

Mixon said the floor plan works and not a lot of changes can be done in the size of the classrooms, etc. He said changes can be made to the entry area and outside of the building.

The firm had looked at several different schools and styles during the three year process.

"We want a good school that will last a long time," Mixon said. "The new building needs to blend in with this campus."

The board discussed adding a focal point to the entry, a large logo of the school over the front windows, comparing prices with and without a pre-cast front.

They also discussed the need for a covered walkway from the student parking area to the high school. Mixon informed the board the state does not pay for covered walkways.

Mixon said they would look at the suggested options, compare the cost and get back with the board.

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