Monette Council sets construction fees

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Monette City Council set construction fees, amended ordinances, heard a report from police chief, discussed placement of a military monument and conducted other business at the Aug. 24 meeting.

Present were Larry Bibb, Tom Carroll, Brandon Decker, Bob Hurst, Dick Pace, Aaron Uthoff, Recorder Vickki Carroll and Mayor Jerry "Chub" Qualls.

Recorder Carroll read Resolution 2015-3, a resolution setting construction fees in Monette. Aldermen adopted the Resolution unanimously.

New building fees are: general construction $.10 per square foot; plumbing $40; electrical $40; HVAC, $40.

Remodeling: general construction, $20; plumbing $20; electrical $20; HVAC, $20.

The cost of a permit shall not exceed $250.

The Resolution includes any and all new construction. Driveways, sidewalks, privacy fences, home moving, portable carports, and portable outbuidlings shall be charged $20 for a permit and $20 for each inspection required. Portable was defined as fabricated elsewhere and moved onto a property. Also, any owner of any new residence or remodel needing a street cut shall pay $150 for half a street cut and $250 for a full street cut.

Inspections performed that do not pass shall require a $20 re-inspection fee. Should the re-inspiction not pass inspection, a $40 charge for each additional inpsection shall apply.

Alderman Pace said the oversight committee had met and gone over the water and sewer financials for March through July and everything is in order. Alderman

Recorder Carroll read Ordinance 2015-1, an ordinance amending Ordinance 2014-3 which is the building ordinance. Alderman Carroll said the ordinance states that the fire chief must perform inspections. He said Monette is a volunteer department and he asked if the fire chief will be compensated for the inspections. Alderman Pace said that if he is going to do the inspections then he should be paid for his time. The council voted unanimously in favor of the amendment.

Recorder Carroll gave a report from Janie Miller who was not able to attend the meeting. Miller wanted the council to know she and the senior citizens group are in favor of the ordinance amendment to prohibit grass clippings in the streets.

Mayor Qualls said he has received complaints for years about grass clippings in the streets making it hard for people that walk.

Recorder Carroll read Amendment 1 of Ordinance 2012-5, which states it is a violation of city ordinance to mow, blow, or rake leaves, pine straw, or grass clippings into the street right-of-way within the City of Monette. Following the discussion Alderman Hurst made a motion to approve Amendment 1 of Ordinance 2012-5, seconded by Alderman Bibb. The motion carried 4-2.

Alderman Carroll said the weeds in the alleys behind privacy fences need to be addressed. He said weeds and grass are overgrown. Alderman Hurst said each property owner should take care of their half of the alley. Alderman Bibb said in the alley behind his house is a big hole that stays full of water.

Chief Brian Carmichael addressed the council about the annual chiefs' convention. Carmichael said they had different classes each day dealing with different areas of law enforcement. He said that the biggest issue this convention is the open gun carry laws.

Mayor Qualls said he has been asked to allow someone to place a military monument on the corner across from the museum. A committee will be raising money for the monument. Council approved the request.

In other business:

*Alderman Decker said he and Matt Rolland worked at the Sports Park on field 3. The new fence is partially up, all score boards are working, the bases were moved on field 3, and the air conditioning unit was repaired. Dirt will be delivered.

*Mayor Qualls reported the Buffalo Island Museum Committee applied for and received a $2,500 grant. Eight ceiling fans were replaced. Mayor Qualls said whatever money is left will go toward bills.

*The city moved a certificate of deposit from Bear State Bank to Evolve Bank for 1.25% for one year.

*Mayor Qualls announced Monette Night at the Park will be from 6-9 p.m. Monday, Oct. 5, at the City Park. He said the police deserve credit for asking for donations and getting everything together.

*There will be a Monette all school reunion on Saturday, Sept. 5, at the school.

*Clean sweep week will be held Oct. 5-9.

*Alderman Hurst said streets and alleys need to be reviewed and the city should sweep all of the streets during the year. He said the sidewalk at Harry Adams lot needs to be repaired and the old concrete street marker needs to be removed from the cemetery. He would like to see a report on these items next month.

*Alderman Uthoff saw some of the city workers spraying a ditch instead of mowing. He said he thought that was why the side mount mower was purchased. Mayor Qualls said that particular ditch was not deep enough to matter. Alderman Uthoff said in that area, the road breaks off a lot.

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