BI Museum exhibits Monette High School memorabilia

Tuesday, September 1, 2015
Monette High School exhibit at BI Museum.

Did you know that the Monette Buffaloes hold the honor of being Junior High State Champions? In fact, the Buffaloes won the title in 1972, the last year the tournament was held, so the Monette Buffaloes are technically the reigning Junior High State Champs!

School pride is evident in the hearts of Monette High School classmates, especially as they prepare to gather for the All Class School Reunion. In honor of this school pride, and in time for the reunion, the Buffalo Island Museum in Monette has a special exhibit of Monette School memorabilia. This exhibit has old scrapbooks from Mrs. Freeman and from Coach Neil Abel.

There is also a mid '60s basketball uniform, school bags, and an athletic sweater with the state championship patch from the '71-'72 team.

The Junior High State Championship Trophy is also on display in a spot of honor, to celebrate their victory, and their victorious season of 35 victories and only one loss. The Buffalo Island Museum has the sign from the old MHS gymnasium that lists all the members of this state team.

The Buffalo Island Museum will be open during the reunion weekend, to allow classmates time to come see all the memories on display. It will be open Friday from 1-4 p.m., on Saturday from noon-6 p.m., and available on Sunday by special request.

Visitors are welcome to stop by and see the special MHS exhibit, and make sure to continue upstairs for other Monette items and school annuals.

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