Manila City Council discusses relocating EOC office

Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Manila Mayor Wayne Wagner and council members meet for August meeting.

Manila Mayor Wayne Wagner updated the city council on the food bank project, discussed relocating the EOC office, reviewed mobile home requests and passed ordinances at the Aug. 17 meeting.

Wagner said the food bank building is almost complete. The heat and air should be hooked up and ready to open by Sept. 1. He continued saying work on the new museum is coming along.

"We will take a tour of the building before next month's meeting," Mayor Wagner said.

The city has provided an office for the EOC in the city hall for many years. Mayor Wagner said the city clerk, Susie Parker, also worked for EOC and they provided office space for her which made it convenient. Parker is no longer with the EOC. Wagner said they are looking at moving the EOC office to the food bank building for the person who replaces her.

"That will give us needed space here at city hall," Mayor Wagner said.

A Manila resident addressed the council about upgrading her mobile home on Buttercup Lane. She informed the council the present mobile home would be moved out of town and a new one would be at the same location.

Mayor Wagner said he wants the council to be addressed and make the decisions regarding mobile homes.

"It is my understanding there can be no additional mobile homes moved into town," he said. "We want to be fair to everyone and treat everyone the same. We have three mobile home requests with two being replacements and one for a location move."

Councilman Donnie Wagner said he didn't have a problem with replacing a mobile home with a better one.

"I like you bringing mobile home issues to our attention," Councilman Jason Baltimore said.

The second request for replacement was from the owner of the mobile home at Beauchamp Corner recently destroyed by a storm.

The council voted unanimously to allow the residents to replace the two mobile homes at the same locations.

Joni Isebell has requested moving a mobile home from one location in Manila her property, next to her home, in the Costner Addition.

The council tabled the decision until the next meeting to make sure all neighbors have no objection to the move of the mobile home.

The city has cleaned up property acquired on Clarence Street. Harold Stallings owns the property around it and would like to purchase the land.

"If possible, I would like to sell it to Mr. Stallings and get our money back," Mayor Wagner said. "We will have to check and see if it can be sold or if we have to take sealed bids."

Councilman Wendell Poteet made a motion to let Mr. Stallings purchase the property if the city can do so. All council members were in agreement.

In other business:

*The swimming pool/water park will be open two more weekends to the public with several private parties scheduled in the evenings over the next couple weeks. Mayor Wagner will have a report on how the pool did financially at the next meeting.

*Auditors requested ordinances for clarification on several subjects. One was the raise given to the former city treasurer for cleaning the community center. Also, the minutes need to reflect the phone allowance for the positions of mayor, chief of police and city water superintendent. "This has been done since 2002 but auditors said it needs to be in the minutes," Mayor Wagner said.

*Woody Townsend, representing the Pilot's Association, updated the council on the new hangar progress and the installation of a new fuel tank.

*Mayor Wagner said they are talking to potential sponsors for new score boards and improvements at the ballpark. The council had no objections to naming parks after the sponsors. He said work will begin on lighting and improving dugouts. Council also discussed adding lights to the walking trail.

*Signatures are being gathered from residents to allow easement on sewerlines to be moved along Highway 18.

*The annual chili cook-off will be held Oct. 3.

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