Caraway Council discusses housing new fire truck

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Caraway Mayor Barry Riley and council members discussed housing for a fire truck the city will be purchasing at the council meeting held Thursday.

Caraway Mayor Barry Riley

Mayor Riley said the letter of intent to purchase the used fire truck had been sent.

"It will be ours when it becomes available," Riley said. "The building at the fire station is too small. It lacks about three feet."

Estimates for a new building came in too high. Mayor Riley will check on all options, including knocking out a wall in the present building.

"Knocking out a wall should be cheaper than a new building," Councilman Mitchell Tipton said.

"The fire truck is ours for $50,000," Mayor Riley said. "We will get the truck after they get a new one. I am talking with an area bank about financing the fire truck and a police car."

Mayor Riley asked for suggestions on the GIF grant money if it becomes available. The deadline for the grant is Sept. 30.

Suggestions included highway front property for development of businesses and a community storm shelter.

"I will work on this and the council will need to pass a resolution at the next meeting," Mayor Riley said.

Mayor Riley asked about paying part of Marsha Stevens', administrative assistant/water secretary, salary from the water/sewer funds instead of the general fund.

Water/sewer superintendent Terry Couch said with the sewer plant loan pay off the city has a projected $50,000 a year for infrastructure. He has been replacing lines.

"I've got to do it," Couch said. "If you take a salary out of the $50,000 you will have to come up with another increase in services and I do not want that, it is hard on the people."

Councilman Mark Bell said he did not want to mess with the water budget.

"We have to find a way to fix the general fund," Mayor Riley said. "We pay salaries and utilities and we are losing money at a rate of $6,000 to $7,000 a month."

Tipton asked about looking at the the part-time mowing and weed eating hours.

"That comes out of the street fund," Mayor Riley said.

Councilman Roger Williams said it would not be much but he would donate his $100 a month back if needed.

Tipton said they need to look and see if there are any cuts that can be made.

The council voted unanimously to give $500 to the fall festival.

"The money goes back into the community," Williams said.

Mayor Riley announced he had paid $4,000 out of the one cent sales tax money to pay for the 2011 election the city had been billed for.

"That has been taken care of," he said.

Resident Jerry Murphy expressed his appreciation for the work done on the cemetery road and the ball park fence.

"Both look great," he said.

He went on to ask about several other properties in need of clean-up.

"I voted for every one of you and I like you all," Murphy said. "But you have ordinances on trash, tree limbs and old buildings. Can you get Pete (the chief of police) to serve these people. According to the ordinance they have 10 days or they will be fined."

He said it is time for action.

In the council comments, it was requested repairing a pothole on Tennessee Street and looking into repair of the roof at the dog pound.

The Caraway Council meets at 6 p.m. the second Thursday of each month.

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