Leachville City Council reviews curfew ordinance

Tuesday, August 4, 2015
Councilwoman Lisa Baldridge showed a picture of her business sign vandalized and requested city officials review the curfew ordinance and enforce it.

In the absence of Mayor Ralph Wells, members of Leachville City Council voted to have Ruth Ann Keith, city clerk, to preside at the regular meeting held Monday, July 27.

Council members present were Teresa Johnson, Lisa Baldridge, Tommy Stone, Karen Wallace and Ethel Hetler.

Councilwoman Baldridge had asked the clerk to research any curfew regulations established by the city.

Baldridge's business sign was recently vandalized. She said it happened after 2:30 a.m. She also said flowers had been stolen from the graves at the cemetery, along with other random acts of defacing of property throughout the town.

The council reviewed the ordinance on file and decided not to change it but to have the police officers enforce it.

The present ordinance has a curfew of 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday; and midnight on Friday and Saturday as a curfew for anyone under the age of 18.

The council also asked the clerk to see if the city has an ordinance banning open liquor bottles/cans in public.

City maintenance supervisor Robert Ballard told the council he had put new locks on the gate to the city landfill area.

"We were trying to keep it open so people could discard limbs but they dumped more than limbs," Ballard said. "It took us three hours to clean up the big items such as grills and other junk left with the limbs."

The council agreed Ballard is responsible for the dump area and he should be the only one to have a key. It can be opened as needed. Anyone wanting to dump lawn debris can call city hall and Ballard will be contacted to open the gate Monday through Friday during business hours of 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Council requested getting a sign to let people know only limbs/leaves are to be dumped.

Ballard also said the trash pick-up truck has broken levers. The parts are under warranty and it will be fixed.

"Manila has loaned us their old truck to use Friday and we really appreciate it," Ballard said. "Fridays are a big day for trash pick-up."

He also said the floor to the building that housed the truck caved in causing damage to the new overhead door. He said a representative from the insurance company will be in town to assess the damage.

Keith discussed the tornado siren grant she is working on. She said she had to have a deed to the property where it would be located. Plans are to locate it eight feet from the new water tower. Keith said LIDC is working on a deed giving the property to the city. Once the property is surveyed and the deed drawn up, the grant process should be completed. She said the USDA will pay one third of the cost. Rep. Dave Wallace is looking into a possible GIF grant to help.

"Once we get this siren in place we will have the company look at relocating the two older ones to different locations. She said all of them could work off one system ensuring more residents will be able to hear the warning signals.

"Our police officers do a good job covering all of the streets when there is a warning," Councilwoman Wallace said.

Councilwoman Johnson said she and her husband, Mark Johnson, fire chief, have been using their own equipment to mow the fire house property.

"Mark has requested the purchase of a riding lawn mower, a push lawn mower and a gas weed eater to be used on the fire house property," Johnson said.

The council voted unanimously to allow the fire department to purchase the equipment from their funds.

Keith said she would check to see if the Act 833 money is restricted. She said if it is restricted, money from the fire protection fund can be used for the purchase.

In other business:

*Baldridge commended Leachville for a successful 100 year celebration. "I am proud of the town and every one who took part."

*The council took no action on the handbook until the mayor returns.

*The council reviewed the financial statement approving it unanimously.

*Keith said the rain and wind has the city workers behind on their mowing and one part-time worker is working a few hours over.

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