Caraway to purchase fire truck

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

In its meeting Thursday, July 9 the Caraway City Council agreed to purchase a 2004 fire truck from the city of Jonesboro.

Fire Chief Scott Browning informed the council of the need for an additional fire truck and presented the cost of some trucks . Alderman Bo James made a motion for the fire department to pay 15 percent of the purchase price, which was $50,000, on a 2004 fire truck the city of Jonesboro is planning to sell. The council approved the motion unanimously.

In other business the council unanimously accepted the water and sewer department audit conducted by Despain-Luther and Short C.P.A. Mayor Barry Riley told the council that the city's new handheld meter reader is in and is in use. He aslo said the sewer plant loan is now paid off and that clean up at the city shop will be done soon.

Mayor Riley commended Roger Williams and all the volunteers who helped with the city's annual Fourth of July celebration. Williams wanted to thank all those who came out and supported the event. Also during the meeting Mayor Riley and city council members discussed various possible uses for GIF grant money if the grant is available this year.

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