Manila Council works through short agenda

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Manila City Council discussed swimming pool, swimming lessons, senior citizen building and park lights during the short meeting held Monday, June 15.

Manila Mayor Wayne Wagner said city officials would try to meet with the engineers while in Little Rock and see what they will do about the pool.

He has spoken with the swimming instructor at the Manila Pool and said she is off to a good start.

"She is a good instructor and I think we will have more kids to follow and learn how to swim," Mayor Wagner said.

He informed the council the pool had been open for 10 days and it had made $10,000 on admission and $4,000 on the concession.

"I will contact the architect and try to set up a meeting with him while we are in Little Rock on the senior citizen building," Mayor Wagner said. "We have to get the architect signed on before we can move forward."

He also said he is working with Frank Kirby and Steve Shelton to advise him on lights at the park to help with dark areas as well as adding electrical hookups along Lake Street.

"Lake Street at the park could be used like a midway for festivals and events," Mayor Wagner said.

Woody Townsend with the Pilot's Association gave an update on visitors at the airport.

"We have had some pilots from Dallas going to New York and Georgia," he said. "We have fuel and we are receiving very good comments. Several stopped over and ate. Local businesses are benefiting from our airport."

A Manila resident addressed the council with a complaint about potholes on Amber Lane.

Utility superintendent Henry Ford said when the weather was dry the holes would be patched.

The council went into executive session but no action was taken.

The council had discussed a place for trucks to park in Manila. Dale Murphy said he had checked with Nucor about slag but they did not have that anymore. Mayor Wagner said Mrs. Woodrow Henry might have a place for the trucks to park but she would need to be contacted.

Ford said the food bank is almost ready and a decision would need to be made on the air conditioning.

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