Lake City Council discusses Summer Youth Association proposal

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lake City Council members were approached with a proposal to form a Summer Youth Association at the Monday, June 15, meeting.

Josh Ridge was introduced by Mayor Jon Milligan. Ridge addressed the council asking them to consider starting a Summer Youth Association which would use the city ballpark and facilities. He said the association would have fundraisers to support its needs. The proposed youth association would consist of a board of five individuals and include the mayor. There is more paperwork to be done including by-laws, tax papers, etc. The council agreed when more information is available Mr. Ridge will meet with the council again.

A motion was made by Alderman Danny Dunigan and seconded by Alderman Harold Barker to close and transfer CD#1106, City of Lake City, in the amount of $141,718.60, maturity date June, 1, 2015, from Southern Bancorp to First Community Bank of Jonesboro, to be divided into two CDs, City of Lake City Retirement Fund, CD# 233780, $70,859.30, 11 month, rate .070%, and CD#233781, $70,859.30, 11 month, rate 0.70%. These are to be designated as a retirement plan for retirement payments of elected officials. Motion was approved unanimously.

Council members present included Dunigan Barker, Jeffery Wisham, Tommy Eakins, Linda Stone and Brenda Hutcheson.

A motion was made by Alderman Dunigan and seconded by Alderman Wisham to approve the Memorandum of Agreement between Eddie Dunigan, Mayor of the Town of Black Oak, Arkansas, representing its Water and Sewer Department, Lake City Jon Milligan, representing its Water and Sewer Department, and Cameron Tate, the supervisor of the City of Lake City Water and Sewer Department, that from time to time assists the Town of Black Oak in resolving problems, corrections, or issues to do with the department. Motion was approved unanimously.

Mayor Milligan told the Council the non-working fire hydrants are being replaced, and all hydrants have been painted. Those painted red are active, while those painted black are non-active. There will now be a maintenance schedule kept by the Water Department on the water hydrants.

In other business the council:

*approved construction of ordinance on basketball goals on the side of city streets.

*gave Mayor Milligan permission to seek bids for paving new cemetery roads.

Plans are being made to have Cotton Festival on Sept. 12.

Next council meeting will be 5:30 p.m. Monday, July 20, at city hall.

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